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watermarkjs - :rice_scene: Watermarking for the browser

  •    Javascript

A functional library for watermarking images in the browser. Written with ES6, and made available to current browsers via Babel. Supports urls, file inputs, blobs, and on-page images. Note: For anyone that is interested: I ported this to a ClojureScript library called Dandy Roll.

Intervention Image - PHP image handling and manipulation

  •    PHP

Intervention Image is an open source PHP image handling and manipulation library. It provides an easier and expressive way to create, edit, and compose images and supports currently the two most common image processing libraries GD Library and Imagick. The class is written to make PHP image manipulating easier and more expressive. No matter if you want to create image thumbnails, watermarks or format large image files Intervention Image helps you to manage every task in an easy way with as little lines of code as possible.

imaginary - Fast, simple, stateless HTTP microservice for high-level image processing with first-class support for Docker & Heroku

  •    Go

Fast HTTP microservice written in Go for high-level image processing backed by bimg and libvips. imaginary can be used as private or public HTTP service for massive image processing with first-class support for Docker & Fly.io. It's almost dependency-free and only uses net/http native package without additional abstractions for better performance.

bimg - Small Go package for fast high-level image processing powered by libvips C library

  •    Go

Small Go package for fast high-level image processing using libvips via C bindings, providing a simple programmatic API. bimg is able to output images as JPEG, PNG and WEBP formats, including transparent conversion across them.

Thumbnailator - A thumbnail generation library for Java

  •    Java

Thumbnailator is a thumbnail generation library for Java. Learning how to use the Image I/O API, Java 2D API, image processing, image scaling techniques etc is fairly difficult task. Thumbnailator will take care of all those things for you. Thumbnailator is a single JAR file with no dependencies to external libraries, making development and deployment simple and easy. It also provides support to watermark, rotate, fluent API.

AndroidWM - A lightweight android image watermark library that supports invisible digital watermarks

  •    Java

After downloading the library and adding it into your project, You can create a WatermarkImage or WatermarkText and do some pre-settings with their instance. There are many attributes that can help you to make a customization with a text watermark or an image watermark. You can get more information from the documentation section that follows.

StegaStamp - Invisible Hyperlinks in Physical Photographs

  •    Python

This repository is a code release for the ArXiv report found here. The project explores hiding data in images while maintaining perceptual similarity. Our contribution is the ability to extract the data after the encoded image (StegaStamp) has been printed and photographed with a camera (these steps introduce image corruptions). This repository contains the code and pretrained models to replicate the results shown in the paper. Additionally, the repository contains the code necessary to train the encoder and decoder models. The training is performed in train.py. There are a number of hyperparameters, many corresponding to the augmentation parameters. scripts/bash.sh provides a good starting place.



The atomWatermark plugin is a lightweight Jquery plugin that helps you watermark your text box and text area html elements. Its a tiny plugin if you are bothered about speed. Less than a KB. by atomSoft Technologies $('input').atomWaterMark(); // Thats all



Mido is a simple utility that adds text or images watermarks to your photos, images and pictures.

node-imaginary - Minimalist node.js command-line & programmatic API client for imaginary

  •    Javascript

Minimalist node.js CLI & programmatic stream capable interface for imaginary server.Supports multiple image operations such as resize, crop, zoom, watermark, rotate... and both local and remote URL based image source processing, and additionally provides a simple balancing feature to use multiple imaginary servers.

videojs-watermark - A videojs plugin that adds a watermark to videojs player

  •    Javascript

Adds a watermark image the video player. After the initial 'fadeTime' the watermark will be shown when the video players controls are shown. This also provides the ability to use the watermark as a link. image: Required The URL to the image to be used as the watermark.

cnn-watermark-removal - Fully convolutional deep neural network to remove transparent overlays from images

  •    Python

Deep learning architecture to remove transparent overlays from images. Bottom: Pascal dataset image reconstructions. When the watermarked area is saturated, the reconstruction tends to produce a gray color.

php-watermark - Add text or image Watermark on image and PDF files

  •    PHP

Add text or image Watermark on image and PDF using PHP and ImageMagick. PHP ImageMagick extension is not required.

mergi - go library for image programming (merge, crop, resize, watermark, animate, ease, transit)

  •    Go

Image manipulation go library plus cross platform CLI tool. To install Mergi, use go get, or download the binary file from Releases page.

ImageResize - Image resizing tool for

  •    CSharp

Image resizing tool for .Net applications, with support to add text/image watermark. This package is built on .NetStandard 2.0 so it supports wide range of compatible platforms (e.g. Asp.Net Core etc). AddTextWatermark method accepts argument of type TextWaterMarkOptions that allows to customize the text.

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