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sails-mongo - MongoDB adapter for Sails.js / Waterline ORM.

Sails.js/Waterline adapter for MongoDB.Provides easy access to MongoDB from Sails.js & Waterline. This module is a Sails/Waterline adapter maintained by the core team. Its goal is to provide robust, easy-to-use access to MongoDB from Sails.js and Waterline.

waterline-graphql - GraphQL adapter for the Waterline ORM.

Note: If you are using standalone Waterline models, your models need to be patched with an associations array. See the issue here.You can execute more complex queries like this.

sails-postgresql - PostgreSQL adapter for Sails.js

NOTE: This is the unpublished work in progress branch. To see the current recommended version of the adapter view the 0.11.x Branch.A Waterline adapter for working with the PostgreSQL database.

sails-redis - Redis adapter for Sails.js

A lightweight Sails/Waterline adapter for Redis. May be used in a Sails app, or anything using Waterline for the ORM.This adapter does not support the Semantic or Queryable interfaces. Instead, it simply provides robust, managed access to the underlying Redis client. See the for-sails-0.12 branch of this repo or ryanc1256/sails-redis for examples of conventional adapters that let you use Redis to directly store and query records from your models.

sails-twitter - Twitter adapter for Sails.js

For exaplanation, see https://github.com/treelinehq/waterline-query-docs/issues/2.If you're interested in implementing Twitter authentication, or enabling other Twitter features, see http://node-machine.org/machinepack-twitter. If you'd like to contribute, see https://github.com/irlnathan/machinepack-twitter/tree/master/machines.

sails-util - Shared utilities between sails, waterline, etc.

Shared utilities between sails, waterline, etc.See docs.

waterline-adapter-tests - API integration tests for Waterline adapters

A set of integration tests that can be included in your Waterline Adapter module and used to test your adapter against the current Waterline API.See LICENSE.md.

waterline-criteria - Utility library for use in Sails adapters where you need to filter a list of output using a criteria object

Utilities for working with Waterline criterias, especially for applying them to in-memory datasets.This module was designed for adapters which communicate with key/value stores such as sails-disk, sails-memory, and sails-redis (i.e. they already implement the semantic interface, but need to implement the queryable interface).

waterline-schema - This is the core schema builder used in the Waterline ORM.

This is the core schema builder used in the Waterline ORM. It is responsible for taking an attributes object from a Collection and turning it into a fully fledged schema object.It's mainly tasked with figuring out and expanding associations between Collections.

captains-log - Lightweight logger with a simple pass-through configuration for use with fancier logging libraries

By default, if you just call log(), captains-log will write your log output at the "debug" log level. You can achieve the same effect by writing log.debug().To use a different library, overrides.custom must already be instantiated and ready to go with (at minimum) an n-ary .debug() method.

sails-disk - Development-only persistent adapter for Sails.js / Waterline

A local disk adapter for the Sails framework and Waterline ORM. Functions as a persistent object store which works great as a bundled, starter database (with the strict caveat that it is for non-production use only). It is bundled with the sails-hook-orm hook that is included by default in new Sails projects.Under the hood, this uses nedb.

sails-hook-orm - Implements support for Waterline ORM in Sails.

Implements support for Waterline ORM in Sails.This is a core hook in the Sails.js framework. You can override or disable it using your sailsrc file or environment variables. See Concepts > Configuration for more information.

sails-memory - In-memory, non-persistent adapter for Sails.js / Waterline

An in-memory object store which works great as a bundled, starter database (with the strict caveat that it is for non-production use only).For Sails 1.0, use sails-disk with the inMemoryOnly option. If you’re interested in upgrading the traditional, standalone sails-memory adapter in this repo for use with Sails 1.0, please contact us.

waterline-rethinkdb - A RethinkDB adapter for the Waterline ORM

A RethinkDB adapter for the Waterline ORM. Works in a Sails.js app or anything using Waterline for the ORM.This is pre-1.0.0 alpha software! Many RethinkDB/Waterline features/operations are not supported yet.

stream-node-orm - NodeJS Client - Build Activity Feeds & Streams with GetStream.io

stream-node-orm is a Node.js (Mongoose & Waterline) client for Stream.You can sign up for a Stream account at https://getstream.io/get_started.

sails-migrations - The missing, migrations, arm of the octopus

sails-migrations provides an easy way to manage database migrations with sails, based on the amazing https://github.com/tgriesser/knex lib. This means you can have fine-grained control over your schema/data transformations between versions. sails-migrations supports sails versions 0.9X up to 0.11.2, for both MySQL & PostgreSQL.

waterline2 - Proposed impl. for next-gen of waterline (see ROADMAP.md for contrib guidelines)

If you're using Waterline today, you should definitely visit the stable v0.x Waterline code base here if you haven't already. That said if you are interested in contributing to features like recursive, cross-adapter joins (aka "populate deep"), advanced aggregations, and WHERE ("whose") subqueries, then the many months of research and toil in this repo is the place to start.

sails-couchdb - A CouchDB adapter for Sails.js

This is a CouchDB adapter for Sails.js. This adapter allows for the basic CRUD operations required for a Sails adapter. However, it does not support must of the Query modifiers. See the tests below for verification.

waterline-errors - Errors for waterline schema, queries, and adapters

A module for errors returned from waterline core, associations, and adapters. Each error module for a specific sub-system of waterline resides in lib/modules. Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Matt McFarland, Cody Stoltman & Balderdash Design Co.

sails-rethinkdb - a RethinkDB Adapter for Sails.js

Contributions are welcome, the code is well structured and easy to understand. Thanks to all contributors.