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budo - :clapper: a dev server for rapid prototyping

  •    Javascript

This is a browserify development server focused on incremental reloading, LiveReload integration (including CSS injection) and other high-level features for rapid prototyping.Then open http://localhost:9966/ to see the content in action.

mochify.js - ☕️ TDD with Browserify, Mocha, Headless Chrome and WebDriver

  •    Javascript

Browserifies ./test/*.js, decorated with a Mocha test runner, runs it in Headless Chrome and passes the output back to your console. Cleans up your stack traces by mapping back to the original sources and removing lines from the test framework.For proxy settings and other environment variables, see the Puppeteer documentation.

watchify-request - Wraps a watchify instance into an HTTP request handler

  •    Javascript

Wraps a watchify instance into an HTTP request handler, performing the minimal amount of rebundling required and pausing requests mid-build to avoid getting old versions of your script on reload.Creates a request handler out of a watchify or browserify instance.

watchify-middleware - a server for faster watchify development

  •    Javascript

For practical implementations, see watchify-server or budo.For a more complete example, see example/server.js.

watchify-server - a bare-bones development server for watchify

  •    Javascript

This is a bare-bones development server for watchify. For a more feature-rich development server built on the same underlying modules, see budo.Typically this module is used via a CLI, but it also exposes a simple JavaScript API.

harp-browserify-react-rrouter - Project template showing how to use browserify for harp apps

  •    Javascript

Project template showing how to use browserify for harp apps. Shows how to use a html5 history api router with externally working urls with harp. Support for jsx and (partially) es6 using reactify.

persistify - a wrapper around `browserify` to make incremental builds

  •    Javascript

Just wanted to have a good wrapper over browserify/watchify that allow me to make incremental builds even when not using the watch mode. DISCLAIMER: this is done persisting the watchify arguments to disk using the flat-cache and file-entry-cache modules. The best results happen when only a few files were modified. Worse case scenario is when all the files are modified. In average you should experience a very noticeable reduction. As always keep in mind that your mileage may vary.

gulp-bro - :punch: gulp + browserify + incremental build, done right.

  •    Javascript

gulp + browserify + incremental build, done right. Even through gulp has recipes to make things work, configuring browserify needs too much boilerplate and understanding about how things work. gulp-bro looks like any other gulp plugin, it does the exact same thing you can do manually, but hides the ugly stuff for you.

shampoo - The ultimate browserify task

  •    CoffeeScript

The ultimate Grunt Browserify task. Run once or watch files for changes. Uses a cache for super speed (instant builds). CoffeeScript support built in. Alias mappings. Shimming. Everything in one easy to use package.

gulp-watchify - gulp + watchify

  •    Javascript

Experimental module to use watchify with gulp.js so you can do automatic bundling of browserify-based scripts.

grunt-watchify - Grunt task for node-browserify

  •    Javascript

Grunt task for node-browserify. This plugin requires Grunt ~0.4.0 and Node >=0.8.x.

gulp-watchify-factor-bundle - Use watchify and factor-bundle in gulp

  •    Javascript

A sugar wrapper for browserify, watchify and factor-bundle to work with gulp. The main ideas are borrowed from reduce-js.

aui - Aui is Semantic UI + React

  •    Javascript

Aui is a small, lightweight glue library that integrates Semantic into React as properties, which feels more natural. Instead of many new React Components, all properties that === true are automatically translated into the className of each tag. Semantic Modules and other semantic javascript can be called as it was intended, like semantic's dropdowns, form validation, and even api.

broccoli-watchify - Watchify plugin for Broccoli.

  •    Javascript

The broccoli-watchify plugin bundles your assets with watchify. The code of this plugin is originally based on the broccoli-browserify plugin by Gareth Andrew.

gulp-example - gulp example

  •    Javascript

gulp example for browserify, watchify, and build react project

haxe-watchify - automatic build tool for your Haxe and OpenFL projects

  •    HTML

Haxe-watchify is a command line daemon that check any files changes in your Haxe project and run the build automatically in background. Currently haxe-watchify is compatible with Haxe and OpenFL projects.

react-tutorial - A react-tutorial

  •    Javascript

If you use Django 1.7 or later. If you want to go to a different tag, you'll just do again a checkout to the corresponding tag and do an npm install, but you'll need to delete the db.sqlite3 file (that contains the database schema for the application) and then do a syncdb again because there may be differences in the database between different tags.

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