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chokidar - A neat wrapper around node.js fs.watch / fs.watchFile / fsevents.

  •    Javascript

A neat wrapper around node.js fs.watch / fs.watchFile / fsevents.Chokidar resolves these problems.

bindonce - Zero watches binding for AngularJs

  •    Javascript

Here is an example of how AngularJs can freeze your UI, try to press and hold a key inside the input field, when the table is filled with only 1 person everything is ok, you can see how the DOM is updated by the input in real time, however if you try to load 1000 person (or even 500 if the testing device is not powerfull) and repeat the experiment you can see how the UI is frozen. In this other demo BindOnce will take care of your watchers and the UI will be reactive as it should be. The code is the same for both demos, the only difference is that I replaced any ng-* tag inside the table with the equivalent bo-* tag. AngularJs provides a great data binding system but if you abuse of it the page can run into some performance issues, it's known that more of 2000 watchers can lag the UI and that amount can be reached easily if you don't pay attention to the data-binding. Sometime you really need to bind your data using watchers, especially for SPA because the data are updated in real time, but often you can avoid it with some efforts, most of the data presented in your page, once rendered, are immutable so you shouldn't keep watching them for changes.

on-change - Watch an object or array for changes

  •    Javascript

It works recursively, so it will even detect if you modify a deep property like obj.a.b[0].c = true.Uses the Proxy API.

watcher - watcher is a Go package for watching for files or directory changes without using filesystem events

  •    Go

watcher is a Go package for watching for files or directory changes (recursively or non recursively) without using filesystem events, which allows it to work cross platform consistently. watcher watches for changes and notifies over channels either anytime an event or an error has occurred.

godo - golang build tool in the spirt of rake, gulp

  •    Go

godo is a task runner and file watcher for golang in the spirit of rake, gulp. Godo runs Gododir/main.go.

tddd - A Laravel Continuous Integration Package

  •    Vue

TDD Dashboard, is an app (built as a Laravel PHP package) to watch and run all your tests during development. It supports any test framework working on terminal, and comes with some testers (PHPUnit, phpspec, behat, Jest, AVA...) preconfigured, but you can easily add yours, just tell it where the executable is and it's done. It also shows the progress of your tests, let you run a single test or all of them, and open your favorite code editor (PHPStorm, VSCode, Sublime Text, etc.) going right to the failing line of your test. If your test framework generate screenshots, it is also able to show it in the log page, with all the reds and greens you are used to see in your terminal.

chokidar-cli - Fast cross-platform cli utility to watch file system changes

  •    Javascript

Fast cross-platform command line utility to watch file system changes. It is used in brunch, gulp, karma, PM2, browserify, webpack, BrowserSync, socketstream, derby, and many others. It has proven itself in production environments.

Sentinl - Kibi + Kibana Alert & Report App for Elasticsearch

  •    Javascript

SENTINL 6 extends Siren Investigate and Kibana with Alerting and Reporting functionality to monitor, notify and report on data series changes using standard queries, programmable validators and a variety of configurable actions - Think of it as a free an independent "Watcher" which also has scheduled "Reporting" capabilities (PNG/PDFs snapshots).

phpunit-watcher - A tool to automatically rerun PHPUnit tests when source code changes

  •    PHP

Wouldn't it be great if your PHPUnit tests would be automatically rerun whenever you change some code? This package can do exactly that. This will run the tests and rerun them whenever a file in the app, src or tests directory is modified.

mongo-oplog - Watch mongodb oplog in a simple way

  •    Javascript

Listening to MongoDB live changes using oplog. 2.0.x is a major rewrite taking advantage of es6 and adding support for promises and async/await. Callbacks are still supported for backward compatibility. This version has minimum API changes, but these changes might affect your code, so please take a look at the upgrading guide before installing.

deadsimple-less-watch-compiler - A nodejs script that allows you to watch a folder for changes and compile the less css files into another folder

  •    Javascript

A command that watches folders(and subfolders) for file changes and automatically compile the less css files into css. This is a file system watcher and compiler. It also keep track of a dependency tree and recompiles the parent if an imported (child) LESS file is changed. Install LESS and make sure the lessc binary is accessible to the script. Installing LESS with the -g(global) flag will make the binary accessible to your system.

phulp - The task manager for php

  •    PHP

Sometimes I need a tool like Gulp for my PHP projects, but I don't want to install npm only to install Gulp. I thought "I need something like Gulp, but in PHP". After a little research I found Phing, but it's not focused in minification and management for CSS/JS and related frontend stuff. Well, I decided to write Phulp, the PHP port of Gulp! And a little curiosity: it's faster than Gulp.

watcher - Atom Filesystem Watcher

  •    C++

@atom/watcher is developed against Node.js 7.4.0 with the --harmony flag enabled, but it should work with any Node.js version that supports async/await. Your system must be able to build native Node.js modules. @atom/watcher supports MacOS (>= MacOS 10.7), Windows (>= Windows XP, >= Windows Server 2003), and Linux (kernel >= 2.6.27, glibc >= 2.9 👉 Ubuntu >= 10.04, Debian >= 6, RHEL >= 6).Tweak package-global settings. This method may be called even after watchers have been started. The Promise it returns resolves when all changed settings have taken effect. All configuration settings are optional. Omitted keys are left unchanged.

wago - Automate the actions you do after saving code.

  •    Go

WagoWatch, Go watches your code, then starts a conditional action chain capable of process monitoring and management. Actions are run in the following order. All actions are optional but there must be at least one. The chain is stopped if an action fails (exit status >0).

filewatcherthing - a thing to watch a file and then run a command

  •    Javascript

One day in #Node.js...You can also use fwt instead of filewatcherthing, since that's too many characters to type.

overwatch - A deterministic couchdb replication watcher

  •    Javascript

A deterministic couchdb replication watcher.Overwatch is an EventEmitter that emits events reflecting various states of the couches it watches. It has a fairly simple api that allows you to easily watch and monitor bi-directional replication.


  •    Javascript

A drop in replacement for Broccoli's Watcher that uses the sane module for file watching.This package has been merged into Broccoli core and is no longer needed for Broccoli 1.0.0 and above.

redux-watch - Watch/observe/monitor Redux store state changes

  •    Javascript

Watch/observe Redux store state changes.Redux provides you with a subscribe() method so that you can be notified when the state changes. However, it does not let you know what changed. redux-watch will let you know what changed.

wtch - [UNMAINTAINED] small livereload utility for rapid prototyping

  •    Javascript

A small command-line app that watches for file changes and triggers a live-reload on file save (using LiveReload). Watches the current working directory for js,html,css file changes. Ignores .git, node_modules, and bower_components, and other hidden files.You can use garnish for pretty-printing logs and limiting log level.

electron-reloader - Simple auto-reloading for Electron apps during development

  •    Javascript

It just works. When files used in the main process are changed, the app is restarted, and when files used in the browser window are changed, the page is reloaded.Note that it will not work correctly if you transpile the main process JS files of your app, but it doesn't make sense to do that anyway.

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