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postcss-browser-reporter - Plugin to display warning messages right in your browser

  •    Javascript

PostCSS plugin to report warning messages right in your browser.If a plugin before this one is throwning a warning, this plugin will append warning messages to html:before.

react-mistyped-props - Warnings for mistyped props in your React components.

  •    Javascript

react-mistyped-props is a set of tools for React to detect mistyped props during runtime, similar to how React.DOM components warn about them. Then just make your awesome feature and a PR for it. Don't forget to file an issue first, or start with an empty PR so others can see what you're doing and discuss it so there's a a minimal amount of wasted effort.

silencer - Scala compiler plugin for annotation-based warning suppression

  •    Scala

Scala has no local warning suppression (see e.g. scala/bug/issues/1781 for discussion). This plugin aims to change the situation. The direct motivation for this plugin is to be able to turn on -Xfatal-warnings option in Scala compiler and enforce zero-warning policy but still be able to consciously silent out warnings which would otherwise be a pointless noise. Silencer currently works with Scala 2.11.4+, 2.12.0+ and 2.13.0-M4+. Also note that since both silencer-plugin and silencer-lib are compile time only dependencies, Silencer can also be used in ScalaJS and Scala Native without having to be cross compiled for it.

storybook-addon-console - storybook-addon. Redirects console output into action logger panel

  •    Javascript

There're some cases when you can't / don't want / forgot to keep browser console opened. This addon helps you to get all console output in your storybook. In other cases, you might find it difficult to extract the desired information in the information noise issued by the console or to determine which component in what state gives the message. With this addon, you can control what you see and where you see. To filter your console output. You can independently configure both action logger and real console output in a wide range.