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MBE - Course materials for Modern Binary Exploitation by RPISEC

  •    C

This repository contains the materials as developed and used by RPISEC to teach Modern Binary Exploitation at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Spring 2015. This was a university course developed and run solely by students to teach skills in vulnerability research, reverse engineering, and binary exploitation. Vulnerability research & exploit development is something totally outside the bounds of what you see in a normal computer science curriculum, but central to a lot of what we RPISEC members find ourselves doing in our free time. We also find that subjects in offensive security tend to have a stigma around them in university that we would like to help shake off. These are practical, applied skills that we're excited to share with those interested in learning.

pwntools - CTF framework and exploit development library

  •    Python

Pwntools is a CTF framework and exploit development library. Written in Python, it is designed for rapid prototyping and development, and intended to make exploit writing as simple as possible. You can now do a live demo of Pwntools, right in your browser.

Alea Belli


This project is an open source strategic wargame - initially targeting World War 2.

Docker-War - Docker based Wargame Platform - To practice your CTF skills

  •    Ruby

Sometimes you may confront services looping forever, and this link might helps you. Besides, if you wanna re-add the host, just delete the files in /var/lib/rancher/state.Before using docker in Docker-War, setup.sh will change group of the docker.sock from docker(998) to app(9999) in order to let app user call docker in this image.

chall.stypr.com - Stereotyped Challenges (chall.stypr.com) v2

  •    Javascript

Developed from the scratch for my personal benefits. Brand new version 2. Now released with The Unlicense.

tmpleak - Leak off used temporary workspaces for ctf and wargames!

  •    PAWN

Users and teams are crawled from ctftime.org and made into wordlist. Search temporary directory based on the wordlist.

pwnableweb - PwnableWeb is a suite of web applications for use in information security training.

  •    Python

PwnableWeb is a suite of web applications for use in information security training, capture the flag competitions, and other computer security purposes.

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