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  •    DotNet

WallpaperControl is a simple, intuitive and unobstrusive application that changes the Windows wallpaper automatically based on your settings.

Wallpaper Juggler

  •    DotNet

A configurable app for Windows 7, Vista and XP to download wallpapers from InterfaceLIFT.com or WallpaperStock.com and change them periodically. It's developed in C#.


  •    DotNet

This application allow you to manage your desktop wallpaper. Features: - Integration with AsideBar - Lock computer when flash-key is lost - Translate Desktop to the network

Desktop Image Switcher

  •    DotNet

A Simple application that changes the desktop background periodically. The time period and the folder to look for background pictures are customizable. The application runs on the system tray.


  •    PowerShell

A PowerShell 2.0+ script that sets the desktop background to a randomly chosen image out of a pool of images. Optionally, you can use different pools of images, dependent on the date (useful for having Christmas desktop backgrounds appear only in December, for example). A pool will go through each of its images one time and then start over. Pool usage history is saved in an XML file in the same folder as this script. Intended to be run as a scheduled task. If your desktop backgrounds are stored in a folder named "Desktop Backgrounds" within your "Pictures" folder, you can go to the next step. Otherwise, you will need to open the script in an editor and modify the path used in the Get-Default-Pool function to point to the correct location.

bing-wallpaper - This program automatically set Bing Wallpaper of the Day as your Desktop's wallpaper

  •    Python

This program automatically sets Bing's Photo-of-the-Day as your (Windows) Desktop's wallpaper.     You can download .exe it from here 👉 link.

ubuntu-live-wallpaper - Live wallpaper changer for ubuntu. Inspired from chrome momentum extension

  •    Python

Replace YOUR_USER_NAME by your user name. The Cron job will run the script every five minutes and change the wallpaper. You can configure the Cron job to change the refresh time.

dynamic-wallpaper-editor - A little utility for creation or edition of GNOME desktop's XML wallpapers

  •    Python

The GNOME desktop allows the wallpaper to change with time. These dynamic wallpapers are XML files, and you don't want to write these files yourself: Dynamic Wallpaper Editor is a little utility for the creation or the edition of these XML wallpapers.