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csstree - A tool set for working with CSS including fast detailed parser, walker, generator and lexer based on W3C specs and browser implementations

  •    Javascript

CSSTree is a tool set to work with CSS, including fast detailed parser (string->AST), walker (AST traversal), generator (AST->string) and lexer (validation and matching) based on knowledge of spec and browser implementations. The main goal is to be efficient and W3C spec compliant, with focus on CSS analyzing and source-to-source transforming tasks. NOTE: The project is in alpha stage since some parts need further improvements, AST format and API are subjects to change. However it's stable enough and used by packages like CSSO (CSS minifier) and SVGO (SVG optimizer) in production.

node-klaw - A Node.js file system walker with a Readable stream interface. Extracted from fs-extra.

  •    Javascript

A Node.js file system walker extracted from fs-extra.If you need the same functionality but synchronous, you can use klaw-sync.

cordell - One bad mofo of a file/directory walker, watcher and CI utility

  •    CoffeeScript

One bad mother... A walker, watcher, and CI utility that delivers a smooth roundhouse kick to your current development environment.

esprima-walk - Walk the primary nodes of an esprima parse tree - fast

  •    Javascript

A very fast esprima AST node walker with no dependencies. To naïvely traverse the AST object with callbacks and without knowing its structure will result in an exponential explosion of function calls and could take several seconds for a single parsed file of a thousand or so lines.

powerwalker - 🏃Walk directories recursively

  •    Javascript

List all files and directories in dir recursively. A directory path to walk recursively.