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tributary - rapid prototyping with d3.js

  •    Javascript

Tributary allows you to share live-editable code snippets. These snippets will most likely use d3.js and allow a user to play with code in a very responsive way. Tributary is innovation on principle, taking the excellent work of Gabriel Florit which was in turn inspired by Bret Victor's genius and making it sharable.

svg-element-attributes - Map of SVG elements to allowed attributes

  •    Javascript

Map of SVG elements to allowed attributes. Also contains global attributes under '*'.Includes attributes from SVG 1.1, SVG Tiny 1.2, and SVG 2.

svg-tag-names - List of known SVG tag-names

  •    Javascript

List of known SVG tag-names. Includes the elements from SVG 1.1, SVG Tiny 1.2, and SVG 2.The repo contains a script to crawl specs to include newly introduced tag-names.

DVL - Dynamic Visualization LEGO

  •    CoffeeScript

DVL is a free functionally reactive library written in JavaScript. DVL is based on the idea that data, not control flow is the most important aspect of a program focused on data visualization. DVL is built on top of D3 to allow for dynamic data binding to the DOM.

d3-browserify - D3 distribution that used for browserify-like environment

  •    Javascript

A small, free JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data.

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