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  •    Javascript

Hand.js: a polyfill for supporting pointer events on every browser

platform-status - Project Platform Status

  •    Javascript

Platform Status gives developers a cross-platform and cross-browser roadmap for browser features, from standardization and development to release. Not only a channel to raise awareness, it can also drive adoption and improve the vital feedback loop Firefox's platform needs to have with web developers. For most developers it will be a reference to discover and learn, but it has the potential to provide the entry points for radical participation on Mozilla's platform development.Existing web compatibility references, like caniuse focus on cross-browser compatibility but don't cover un-released features and lag behind on features that already shipped. Major browser vendors (Edge, Chrome, Webkit) are publicising their own platform status with references to their bug tracking and bug owners. Similar to Platform Status' goal, Chrome tracks consensus/enthusiasm from other browsers using sources that range from bugs, to IRC logs to tweets.

webmention.rocks - a webmention validator and test suite

  •    PHP

Webmention Rocks! is a validator to help you test your Webmention implementation. Several kinds of tests are available on the site. This software uses Redis to cache responses, so make sure you have Redis installed locally, or point it to a remote Redis server in the config file.

websub.rocks - Test suite and debug utilities for W3C WebSub

  •    PHP

WebSub test suite and debugging utility. You can test your Publisher, Subscriber and Hubs using websub.rocks.

SCION - SCXML Interpretation and Optimization eNgine

  •    Javascript

SCION is an industrial-strength implementation of W3C SCXML in JavaScript. SCXML provides a declarative markup for Statecharts, a powerful modelling language for developing complex, timed, event-driven, state-based systems.

SCION-CORE - A minimal implementation of Statecharts in portable, embeddable JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

SCION-CORE is a small implementation of Statecharts in ECMAScript (JavaScript). SCION-CORE lets you program with Statecharts using a simple JavaScript/JSON API. SCION-CORE is then available as the global variable scion.

scxml-test-framework - A set of SCXML tests, and an HTTP client test runner for testing against SCXML HTTP test servers

  •    Javascript

This test script indicates that after SCXML document basic/basic1.scxml is loaded into the SCXML interpreter, the expected initial configuration of the state machine will be a single state with id "a". Next, an event with name "t" and no data will be dispatched on the state machine, and the resulting state machine configuration will be a single state with id "b". Note that the "initialConfiguration" and "nextConfiguration" properties should only contain the ids of expected basic states, which is to say "initialConfiguration" and "nextConfiguration" specify a "basic configuration", or a configuration of basic states. As a "full configuration", or a configuration composed of both basic and non-basic states, can be derived from a basic configuration, specifying only basic configurations in the test script can be done without leading to a loss of safety or generality.

scxml-viz - A d3-based library for visualizing SCXML with SVG.

  •    Javascript

A d3-based library for visualizing SCXML with SVG. See scion-web-simulation-environment/viz for an example of how scxml-viz may be used.

MangoServer - A MongoDB implementation of the W3C Web Annotation Protocol

  •    Python

A MongoDB implementation of the W3C Web Annotation Protocol

X.Web.Sitemap - Simple sitemap generator for .NET and .NET Core

  •    CSharp

Below is a more comprehensive example that demonstrates how to create many sitemaps and how to add them to a sitemap index file in a unit-testable fashion.