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remix-project - Remix is a browser-based compiler and IDE that enables users to build Ethereum contracts with Solidity language and to debug transactions

  •    Javascript

Remix Project is a platform for development tools that use a plugin architecture. It encompasses sub-projects including Remix Plugin Engine, Remix Libraries, and of course Remix IDE. Remix IDE is an open source web and desktop application. It fosters a fast development cycle and has a rich set of plugins with intuitive GUIs. Remix is used for the entire journey of contract development with Solidity language in as well as being a playground for learning and teaching Ethereum.

erc721-vyper - ERC721 in Vyper

  •    Python

This is an implementation of the ERC721 specification in Vyper. It was done as a learning excercise, and has not been audited. Moreover, due to certain limitations of Vyper (see TODOs below), the implementation doesn't yet comply with the specification. A truffle compatible build process is handled by truper, which does not include vyper compiler. You will need to have the vyper compiler installed and available in your terminal's environment. If you can't run $ vyper -h, the build process will fail.

vyper - Python configuration with (more) fangs

  •    Python

Python configuration with (more) fangs! Python port of the very awesome Viper for Go. The package changed name on pypi from vyper to vyper-config on August 20th 2018. The vyper name is now used by the following project. The vyper-config package is available on PyPI.

falcon-boilerplate - Boilerplate for the Falcon framework https://github.com/falconry/falcon

  •    Python

A Python 3 boilerplate for the Falcon framework. Uses gunicorn as the WSGI HTTP server and meinheld as the gunicorn worker. It also uses Vyper for 12-factor.

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