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dockeron - Electron + Vue.js for Docker

A dockeron project, built on Electron + Vue.js for Docker.I am only using Mac version, which means that the Windows and Linux versions are to be tested.

vuego - Vue.js Go Game

For detailed explanation on how things work, checkout the guide and docs for vue-loader.

vue-phoenix-chat - Chat built with Vue.js 2.0 and the Phoenix Framework (Elixir)

Now you can visit localhost:4000 from your browser. Ready to run in production? Please check our deployment guides.

VueAndBootstrap - Examples of VueJS and Bootstrap working together

This is a set of self-contained examples of using VueJS and Bootstrap together. They are intended to demonstrate basic concepts of VueJS within an attractive, commonly-used UI framework. No additional build tools are required. All JS is loaded from CDNs. The focus here is on learning VueJS and how it can be applied to existing projects without adopting a new toolchain or throwing out old, working code.

harvest - zec cash mining dashboard for the harvest project using nanopool.org

This is the endpoint of the realtime visualization for Julian Olivers HARVEST installation. Using ZEC (zash) nanopool.org and cryptocompare.com API. This little project is also a test bench for vuejs, rxjs and d3 integration. You will see that I used rxjs subscriptions for async api calls like here but also traditional methods mutating the state here. After this rxjs experiment I feel like the standart methods (with e.g. vuex) is way more flexible, though the reactive fetching is quite elegant. Feel free to ping me on that topic! The d3js+vuejs integration works smoothly like in animated transitions and in the axis components.

prom-metric-viewer - Browse Prometheus metrics of apps and exporters more quickly.

A simple CLI tool to view prometheus metrics of exporters with style. It also includes a fancy Web UI to be even quicker viewing, sorting and searching metrics. Dependencies: Go 1.8+ (with $GOPATH setup), Node.js (best with yarn).

icmpmon - A simple ICMP monitor with web interface.

A simple ICMP monitor with web interface. Prebuilt files are in the Releases section.

vue-easy-gantt - A simple Vue.js gantt chart plugin for presenting weekly tasks

A simple Vue.js gantt chart plugin for presenting weekly tasks. To check out live examples and docs, visit vue-easy-gantt Demo Pages.