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vue-virtual-scroller - ⚡️ Smooth scroll with any amount of data

  •    Vue

Smooth scroll with any amount of data (demo). ⚠️ vue-virtual-scroller now uses vue-observe-visibility to automatically refresh itself when shown to prevent display glitches. This means you need to include the Intersection Observer polyfill needed by vue-observe-visibility for this to work in old browsers (like Internet Explorer).

vue-social-sharing - A Vue

  •    Javascript

Note that the social_shares_close event is not fired for the Whatsapp, SMS and Email sharers.

vuex-i18n - Localization plugin for vue.js 2.0 using vuex as store

  •    Javascript

We are big fans of the awesome vue, vuex and vue-router libraries and were just looking for an easy to use internationalization plugin, employing as much of the "standard library" as possible. The main difference to other internationalization plugins is the ease of use and support for locales directly with the application or later from the server.

vue-wordpress-pwa - An offline-first SPA using Vue

  •    Javascript

This is the code for the FullStackWeekly website. You can use it as a starter pack for your WordPress site as well. Since WordPress can expose a REST API, this project uses Vue.js, Vue-router, Vuex, Vue-resource & Progressive Web App techniques to create an offline-first web client.

vue-hotel-datepicker - Vue date range picker component

  •    Vue

A responsive date range picker for Vue.js that displays the number of nights selected and allow several useful options like custom check-in/check-out rules, localisation support and more. The date format string.

vue-qrcode-reader - A Vue.js 2 component which detects and decodes QR codes from cameras.

  •    Javascript

A Vue.js 2 component, accessing the device camera and allowing users to read QR codes, within the browser. Once a stream from the users camera is loaded, it is displayed and continuously scanned for QR codes. Results are indicated by the decode event. This also accounts for decoded images drag-and-dropped in the area the component occupies.

vue-inspector - Vue.js Inspector for Mobile Devices

  •    Javascript

vue-inspector is a basic inspector for Vue.js that works with mobile devices. It could work in a desktop environment, but I do not recommend that; use Vue.js devtools instead. With vue-inspector is possible to execute JavaScript code directly in your mobile browser and get error messages generated at run-time. Also inspect the data, props, router links, views/components, computed properties, routes, Vuex and more... inside your Vue.js project.

vue-fluent - Vuejs 2+ components built using Microsoft’s Fluent Design System based on Buefy.

  •    CSS

Fluent Design Components for Vue.js based on Buefy and bulma-fluent, inspired by Microsoft’s Fluent Design System. Fluent Design Theme for Bulma is also available.

vue-circle-progress - A Vue.js component to draw animated circular progress bars

  •    Vue

Events emitted by the component to the parent. Methods you can call on the component.

vue-mode - Emacs major mode for vue.js

  •    Emacs

Emacs major mode for vue.js based on mmm-mode. Emacs users may install the package from MELPA. vue-mode should then be activated on all files with a .vue extension.

vue-multi-select - This component gives you a multi/single select with the power of Vuejs components

  •    Vue

This component gives you a multi/single select with the power of Vuejs components. Issues and PR's are much appreciated. When you create a new PR please make it against the develop branch when adding new features and to the fix branch when fixing small issues instead of master.

vue-innersearch - :mag_right: UI components built with Vue.js for ElasticSearch

  •    Javascript

An Open Source project created to help developers working with vue.js and Elastic, give them the possibility to create search UIs within the hour. InnerSearch is a suite of UI components like SearchBox, RefinementListFilter, Paginator and many others to come built with Vue.js.

vue-swatches - :art: Help the user picking beautiful colors!

  •    Javascript

Vue Swatches is a UI Component for Vue that allows the user to choose colors. Unlike classic color pickers, where all colors are available (167 77 216 colors), Vue Swatches only shows a bunch of predefined colors.

label-edit - Click to show input text box Vue Component

  •    Vue

Click to show input text box Vue Component ... inspired by Trello. This is my first time publishing Vue Component via npm package and let me know if you encounter any issues, bugs, or improvement. Thanks!