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vitesse-webext - ⚡️ WebExtension Vite Starter Template

  •    TypeScript

A Vite powered WebExtension (Chrome, FireFox, etc.) starter template. Create a repo from this template on GitHub.

volar - ⚡ Fast Vue Language Support Extension

  •    TypeScript

Volar is a Language Support plugin built specifically for Vue 3. It's based on @vue/reactivity to calculate everything on-demand, to implement native TypeScript language service level performance. 🛠️ This project is still in refactoring to make contributing easier.


  •    Javascript

Fes.js 是一个好用的前端应用解决方案。 以 Vue 3.0 和路由为基础,同时支持配置式路由和约定式路由,并以此进行功能扩展。配以覆盖编译时和运行时生命周期完善的插件体系,支持各种功能扩展和业务需求。以约定、配置化、组件化的设计思想,让用户仅仅关心用组件搭建页面内容。基于Vue.js,上手简单。经过多个项目中打磨,趋于稳定。

vuestic-ui - Free and Open Source UI Library for Vue 3 🤘

  •    Vue

Vue.js 3.0 UI Library Developed by Epicmax. Designed by Vasili Savitski. Vuestic UI is forever free and open to contributions. See our issues, contributing guide and join discussions on our Discord to help us improve Vuestic UI experience.

formily - Alibaba Group Unified Form Solution -- Support React/ReactNative/Vue2/Vue3

  •    TypeScript

In React, the whole tree rendering performance problem of the form is very obvious in the controlled mode. Especially for the scene of data linkage, it is easy to cause the page to be stuck. To solve this problem, we have distributed the management of the state of each form field, which significantly improves the performance of the form operations. At the same time, we deeply integrate the JSON Schema protocol to help you solve the problem of back-end driven form rendering quickly. This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.

unplugin-vue-components - 📲 On-demand components auto importing for Vue

  •    TypeScript

On-demand components auto importing for Vue. vite-plugin-components has been renamed to unplugin-vue-components, see the migration guide.

Vue Flow Form - Open Source Form Generator Built with Vue.js

  •    Javascript

Vue Flow Form is a form generator tool for developing custom, conversational forms. Built to be flexible with versatile applications, appropriate for user registration, contact pages, support pages, feedback forms, surveys, or a quiz.

tutorial-photo-gallery-vue - Photo Gallery Tutorial: Ionic Vue and Capacitor

  •    CSS

Get started with Ionic by building a photo gallery app that runs on iOS, Android, and the web - with just one codebase. This is the complete project referenced in the "Your First App: Vue" guide. Follow along to create a complete CRUD (create-read-update-delete) experience. Powered by Ionic Vue (web app) and Capacitor (native app runtime).

vue-2-3 - ↔️ Interop Vue 2 components in Vue 3 apps and vice versa

  •    Javascript

Here's a CodePen demo using Vue 2 components in a Vue 3 app. Import vue-2-3/to-vue-2 or vue-2-3/to-vue-3.

foto-rehearse - 📸 Photo post planner - with Vite and VueUse

  •    Vue

Free and Open photography post planner. The code is licensed under MIT and photos in the screenshots are from https://unsplash.com/ with their Unsplash License.

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