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fish-ui - A Vue.js 2.0 UI Toolkit for Web

A Vue.js 2.0 UI Toolkit for Web. Modern browsers and Internet Explorer 9+(no test).

mediagui - vuejs / vuex powered application

tl;dr mediaGUI is a web based app to catalogue a movie library. It scans the folders you choose looking for movies, then fetch metadata from themoviedb.org and The OMDB API.mediaGUI's main objective is to be rewritten whenever I want to learn a new technology.

spoiler - Single Page Application Boilerplate

A full-featured Webpack setup with vue-router, vuex, material-design-lite, auth0, vue-resource, hot-reload, lint-on-save & css extraction. I have extended the official webpack boilerplate with often used plugins and functionalities. I have made this because the official vuejs-templates maintainers wanted to keep the webpack template simple.

vue-builder-webpack-plugin - Webpack plugin to build vue files automatically

You can use this plugin to automatically generate .vue files. Whenever you run webpack in normal or watch mode, this plugin will automatically generate your .vue files.

koa2-vue2-wechat-enterprise - 前后端分离的企业微信第三方应用种子项目,后端用的koa2,前端用的vue2 方便在多个企业微信中部署同一个版本,前端代码在client目录下 集成了免登服务和jssdk的校验

前后端分离的企业微信第三方应用种子项目,后端用的koa2,前端用的vue2 方便在多个企业微信中部署同一个版本,前端代码在client目录下 集成了免登服务和jssdk的校验

vue-echo - Vue integration for the Laravel Echo library.

Vue 2 integration for the Laravel Echo library. This Vue plugin injects a Laravel Echo instance into all of your vue instances, allowing for a simple channel subscription on each instance, or using Laravel Echo through this.$echo.