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VueCnodeJS - Vue2.x 初/中级项目,CnodeJS社区重构。(Vue.js Junior Project, Rewrite cnodejs.org )预览(DEMO):

  •    Vue


Eva - Eva : 优雅,简约的完整博客项目 [前后端] (Eva: A concise, simple Blog Project. [FD/BD]) DEMO:

  •    Javascript

Eva : 优雅,简约的完整博客项目 [前后端] (Eva: A concise, simple Blog Project. [FD/BD]) DEMO:

vue-blog-pwa - Simple blog (vue-pwa) (django-tastypie-backend)

  •    Javascript

Simple blog based on django-tastypie REST apis built with Vuejs2-pwa. It covers on how a vue js app can be structured along with basic authentication in place. How components can be built to achieve overall desired functionality without repeating the code everytime. Using High resoultion images on the home screen, which is why the app load takes time and thus it has low score in performance.

vueSocketChatroom - vue2

  •    Javascript

vue2.x + vue-router2.x+ vuex2.x + vux2.x + express + socket.io immediate chat room

toucan - Boilerplate template using Vue

  •    CSharp

is an opinionated multi-project solution template, combining .NET Core and Vue.js. The objective is to provide scaffolding for a responsive SPA web application, based on SOLID design principles. Your development machine will need to have the following installed.