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vue-instantsearch - 👀 Algolia components for building search UIs with Vue.js

  •    Javascript

InstantSearch projects: Vue InstantSearch | InstantSearch.js | React InstantSearch | Angular InstantSearch | InstantSearch Android | InstantSearch iOS. Built by Algolia.

instantsearch-templates - Sample templates for InstantSearch projects

  •    HTML

This repository holds a set of starter templates for all the projects of the InstantSearch team at Algolia. The JavaScript client and helper templates are not full search UIs because we do not recommend you to use them for that. But we still provide quick templates for those so that you can demonstrate bugs when needed.

vue-instantsearch-examples - Examples for Vue InstantSearch

  •    Shell

Some examples for Vue InstantSearch by Algolia. To start, you need to run yarn to install all of the dependencies, then go to a subdirectory, and run the script you want, like yarn start.

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