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vue-boilerplate-template - 🍎 Efficient development of web SPA using Vue

  •    Javascript

For how to build medium-sized (+) VUE projects, provide some reference based on past experience. Node.js (>=4.x, 8.x preferred), Npm version 4+(Yarn preferred), and Git.

vue-i18n-loader - :globe_with_meridians: vue-i18n loader for custom blocks

  •    Javascript

Details changes for each release are documented in the CHANGELOG.md. Please make sure to read the Contributing Guide before making a pull request.

vue-cli-plugin-i18n - :globe_with_meridians: Vue CLI 3 plugin to add vue-i18n to your Vue Project

  •    Vue

The locale of project localization, default en. The locale of project fallback localization, default en.

vue-i18n-extensions - :globe_with_meridians: vue-i18n extensions

  •    Javascript

This directive is v-t custom directive for server-side-rendering. You can specify it as directives option of createRenderer function. This module is v-t custom directive module for vue compiler. You can specify it as modules option of vue-template-compiler.

nicelinks-vue-client - 🐬 Awesome Web app built with Vue2

  •    Vue

🐬 Awesome Web app built with Vue2.*(Webpack、Es6、Element-ui)Her Chinese name is: 倾城之链, and English name is called:NICE LINKS.

laravel-vue-i18n-generator - Generates a vue-i18n compatible include file from your Laravel translations

  •    PHP

Laravel 5 package that allows you to share your Laravel localizations with your vue front-end, using vue-i18n or vuex-i18n. Configuration paths have changed in Laravel 5.7, in order for this package to function properly you need to configure correct paths for jsPath and jsFile in your config\vue-i18n-generator.php.

vuelidate-error-extractor - Vuelidate form-group helper that extracts errors easily.

  •    Javascript

Vuelidate-error-extractor makes error message display from vuelidate a breeze. Be it for a single form element or all displaying all the errors in a form. Error messages can be styled to fit either Foundation 6, Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 styles out of the box, or can be totally customized via your own custom templates.

vue-i18n-extract - Manage vue-i18n localization with static analysis

  •    TypeScript

I'm sure you'll find bugs and when you do it would be great if you'd could report them here. The project is still in its early stages and in progress. I think there's no need for guidelines yet, so feel free to contribute or give feedback as you prefer.

vuei18n-po - transform gettext .po files for vue-i18n

  •    Javascript

Transform gettext .po files for vue-i18n. When it comes to plural support, the best data format nowadays is MessageFormat. Unfortunatelly, it isn't well supported neither by Vue nor by translation services. This modules takes gettext translations (that have a good support among translators) and transforms both the messages and plural rules to be consumable by VueI18n.

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