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vue-desktop - A UI library for building admin panel website.

A UI library for building admin panel website.Replace src to lib in source code.

vue-a11y-calendar - Accessible, internationalized Vue calendar

Localized, accessible calendar and datepicker for Vue with no external dependencies. Vue A11Y Calendar depends on Vue 2.4+ and if using webpack, Sass Loader 6.0+. Make sure they (and their peer dependencies) are installed and correctly configured in order to effectively use Vue A11Y Calendar. While this has been tested with webpack, it should work with any module bundler.

vue-mover - A 2 list mover component implemented as a VueJs Component

where left and right items are array properties on the view model. targetId is required for a second mover to ensure that each gets its own unique scope.

vue-popover - Reusable popover component for Vue

Reusable popover component for Vue. This is purely functional, it's a completely "naked" and blank canvas component. There are no styles for this component except a z-index, which you can override. From the root of your project.