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vedo - A python module for scientific analysis of 3D objects based on VTK and numpy

  •    Python

vedo is a lightweight and powerful python module for scientific analysis and visualization of 3d objects. Inspired by the vpython manifesto "3D programming for ordinary mortals", vedo makes it easy to work with 3D pointclouds, meshes and volumes, in just a few lines of code, even for less experienced programmers.

CTK - A set of common support code for medical imaging, surgical navigation, and related purposes.

  •    C++

The Common Toolkit is a community effort to provide support code for medical image analysis, surgical navigation, and related projects.

vtk-js - Visualization Toolkit for the Web

  •    Javascript

VTK is an open-source software system for image processing, 3D graphics, volume rendering and visualization. VTK includes many advanced algorithms (e.g., surface reconstruction, implicit modelling, decimation) and rendering techniques (e.g., hardware-accelerated volume rendering, LOD control). The JavaScript implementation remain a subset of the actual C++ library but efforts will be made to easily port or compile native VTK code into WebAssembly to better blend both world. The origin of VTK is with the textbook "The Visualization Toolkit, an Object-Oriented Approach to 3D Graphics" originally published by Prentice Hall and now published by Kitware, Inc. (Third Edition ISBN 1-930934-07-6). VTK has grown (since its initial release in 1994) to a world-wide user base in the commercial, academic, and research communities.

VTKPythonPackage - A setup script to generate VTK Python Wheels

  •    Python

This project provides a setup.py script to build VTK Python wheels. VTK is an open-source, cross-platform system that provides developers with an extensive suite of software tools for 3D computer graphics, image processing, and visualization.

ExtensionsIndex - Slicer extensions index


Think of the ExtensionsIndex as a repository containing a list of extension description files (*.s4ext) used by the Slicer extensions build system to build, test, package and upload extensions on an extensions server. Once uploaded on an extensions server, within Slicer, extensions can be installed using the extensions manager.

VTKFortran - pure Fortran VTK (XML) API

  •    Fortran

The importers are under developing. VTKFortran can be safely used in parallel environments, handling multiple concurrent files: it is thread/processor-safe, meaning that it can be safely used into parallel architectures using OpenMP and/or MPI paradigms.

vtkbool - A standalone boolean filter for VTK.

  •    C++

This is an extension of the graphics library VTK. The goal of the extension is to equip the library with boolean operations on polygonal meshes. I started the project at the end of my studies in mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) in Leipzig. I used VTK to develop a program, which I had to create for a paper. At this time I would have wished, that this feature already exists. There was several implementations from third parties, but after some tests, I came to the conclusion, that none of them worked correct. The once who worked was bound to other big libraries like CGAL. I decided to start with my own implementation. This library is the result of my efforts. Nothing for now.

meshio - I/O for various mesh formats

  •    Python

with any of the supported formats. For both input and output, you can optionally specify the exact file_format (in case you would like to enforce binary over ASCII VTK, for example).

paraview-glance - ParaView Glance is an open-source web application developed at Kitware for visualizing volumetric images, molecular structures, geometric objects, and point clouds

  •    Javascript

ParaView Glance is an open-source, javascript visualization application created by Kitware, based on Visualization Toolkit (VTK), and intended to serve as a light-weight companion to Paraview. It is part of the ParaView Web suite of tools. General information is available at the ParaView and ParaView Web homepages.

wslink - Python/JavaScript library for communicating over WebSocket

  •    Python

Wslink allows easy, bi-directional communication between a python server and a javascript client over a websocket. The client can make remote procedure calls (RPC) to the server, and the server can publish messages to topics that the client can subscribe to. The server can include binary attachments in these messages, which are communicated as a binary websocket message, avoiding the overhead of encoding and decoding. RPC - a remote procedure call that can be fired by the client and return sometime later with a response from the server, possibly an error.


  •    C++

The SENSEI project takes aim at a set of research challenges for enabling scientific knowledge discovery within the context of in situ processing at extreme-scale concurrency. This work is motivated by a widening gap between FLOPs and I/O capacity which will make full-resolution, I/O-intensive post hoc analysis prohibitively expensive, if not impossible. We focus on new algorithms for analysis, and visualization - topological, geometric, statistical analysis, flow field analysis, pattern detection and matching - suitable for use in an in situ context aimed specifically at enabling scientific knowledge discovery in several exemplar application areas of importance to DOE. Complementary to the in situ algorithmic work, we focus on several leading in situ infrastructures, and tackle research questions germane to enabling new algorithms to run at scale across a diversity of existing in situ implementations.

F3D - A fast and minimalist 3D viewer

  •    C++

F3D (pronounced /fɛd/) is a VTK-based 3D viewer following the KISS principle, so it is minimalist, efficient, has no GUI, has simple interaction mechanisms and is fully controllable using arguments in the command line. F3D is open-source and cross-platform (tested on Windows, Linux and macOS). It supports a range of file formats (including animated glTF, stl, step, ply, obj), and provides numerous rendering and texturing options.

ipyvtklink - minimal ipywidget to interface with any Python vtkRenderWindow

  •    Python

This is an early prototype of creating a Jupyter interface to VTK. This toolkit is a proof of concept and a more polished tool will be available as ipyvtk in the future. The code here was implemented from the work done by Andras Lasso under an MIT License (see the source).

paraview-lite - Lite Client to a ParaView server which rely on Web technologies

  •    Javascript

ParaView Lite is an open-source, javascript visualization application created by Kitware, based on ParaView, and intended to serve a more refined and dedicated UI for controlling data processing and visualization remotely via a Web page. It is part of the ParaView Web suite of tools. General information is available at the ParaView and ParaView Web homepages.