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openvpn-install - OpenVPN road warrior installer for Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS

  •    Shell

OpenVPN road warrior installer for Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS. This script will let you setup your own VPN server in no more than a minute, even if you haven't used OpenVPN before. It has been designed to be as unobtrusive and universal as possible.

openvpn-install - Set up your own OpenVPN server on Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, and Arch Linux

  •    Shell

OpenVPN installer for Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS and Arch Linux. This script will let you setup your own secure VPN server in just a few minutes.

vpn-at-home - 1-click, self-hosted OpenVPN deployment and management app.

  •    Python

1-click deployment of OpenVPN with DNS ad blocking sinkhole. Deploys to your favorite VPS machine. Created with Vue.js, Semantic UI and Django. This app provides easy management console to keep OpenVPN configuration files in one place, provided in self-contained, easily deployable, clickable package.

openvpn-config-splitter - Splits OpenVPN (

  •    Javascript

Splits OpenVPN (.ovpn) files into separate files for private key, user+ca certificates and tls-auth key, for use with network-manager in debian/ubuntu

terraform-openvpn - A sample terraform setup for OpenVPN using Let's Encrypt and Certbot to generate certificates

  •    HCL

This repository contains the code used in the tutorial: Using Let’s Encrypt and Certbot to automate the creation of certificates for OpenVPN. Read the article for details and instructions on how to use it.

django-netjsonconfig - Configuration manager for embedded devices, implemented as a reusable django-app

  •    Javascript

Configuration manager for embedded devices, implemented as a reusable django-app. Based on the NetJSON format and the netjsonconfig library.


  •    Gherkin

Generates iOS configuration profiles (.mobileconfig) that configures OpenVPN for use with VPN-on-Demand that are not accessible through the Apple Configurator or the iPhone Configuration Utility. Refer to known issues below for more details.

ovpm - OpenVPN Management Server - Effortless and free OpenVPN server administration

  •    Go

OVPM allows you to administrate an OpenVPN server on linux easily via command line and web interface. With OVPM you can create and run an OpenVPN server, add/remove VPN users, generate client .ovpn files for your users etc.

tunnelblickctl - :lock: Command-line interface for Tunnelblick

  •    Rust

Command-line interface for Tunnelblick, the de facto OpenVPN client for OS X. Download one of the pre-compiled releases, then copy it to your $PATH.

watchblob - Connect to 2-factor WatchGuard VPNs on Linux with OpenVPN

  •    Go

This tiny helper tool makes it possible to use WatchGuard / Firebox / <> VPNs that use multi-factor authentication on Linux. Rather than using OpenVPN's built-in dynamic challenge/response protocol, WatchGuard has opted for a separate implementation negotiating credentials outside of the OpenVPN protocol, which makes it impossible to start those connections solely by using the openvpn CLI and configuration files.

adblocking-vpn - 🔒 Create your own VPN server that blocks malicious domains to enhance your security and privacy


This is a how to guide to creating your own VPN server that also blocks malicious domains to enhance your security and privacy while browsing. Quite simply, this guide will set you up with a Linux server that runs OpenVPN, with Dnsmasq, with a modified hosts file that routes offending sites to

auto-fi - An Android app to automatically connect to open wifi networks and tunnel traffic over a VPN

  •    C

Auto Fi automatically connects to nearby open wifi networks, attempts to click through captive portal agreements and then tunnels all traffic over a secure VPN. Auto Fi uses OpenVPN, based heavily on the ics-openvpn Android app.

chef-openvpn - A multi-configuration OpenVPN server cookbook featuring IPv6 support and easy setup of client files

  •    Ruby

A multi-configuration OpenVPN client/server cookbook featuring IPv6 support and easy generation of client configuration files. Include recipe[openvpn::default] in your run_list and do further configuration via node attributes. To automatically generate client configuration file stubs include recipe[openvpn::users]. With recipe[openvpn::logrotate] your logs (of all OpenVPN configurations) will be automatically rotated if the logrotate cookbook is present. To setup one or multiple OpenVPN clients use recipe[openvpn::client].

pia-tools - Shell script to automate privateinternetaccess port forwarding and starting/stopping transmission when connected/disconnected and other stuff

  •    Shell

The setup will store your credentials in /etc/openvpn/pia/passwd, download the config files from PIA and append /etc/openvpn/pia/pia_common to all of them.

openvpn-unroot - Run OpenVPN without root privileges

  •    Shell

openvpn-unroot is a script, that consumes an existing OpenVPN client config and produces everything necessary to run OpenVPN as an unprivileged user. It is not a wrapper and only needs to be called once per config.

vpnfailsafe - IP leak prevention for OpenVPN

  •    Shell

vpnfailsafe prevents a VPN user's ISP-assigned IP address from being exposed on the internet, both while the VPN connection is active and when it goes down. vpnfailsafe doesn't affect traffic to/from private networks, or disrupt existing firewall rules beyond its intended function.

yubi-oath-vpn - Simply insert your Yubikey and connect automatically to your TOTP-2FA-VPN.

  •    Go

Simply insert your Yubikey to an USB-slot and connect to your 2FA-VPN. We use Yubikeys for two factor authentication against our VPN. We have a Bash script with similar functionality, but the tools (ykman, yubioath) keep changing and dbus-monitor was behaving differently depending on distro.


  •    Python

OpenVPN-Config-Generator is made to help automate the process of creating OpenVPN configurations. You can use one of the pre-built templates if your new to OpenVPN or you can build your own template to fit your needs.