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mlcourse_open - OpenDataScience Machine Learning course. Both in English and Russian

  •    Python

This is the list of published articles on medium.com 🇬🇧, habr.com 🇷🇺, and jqr.com 🇨🇳. Icons are clickable. Also, links to Kaggle Kernels (in English) are given. This way one can reproduce everything without installing a single package. Assignments will be announced each week. Meanwhile, you can pratice with demo versions. Solutions will be discussed in the upcoming run of the course.

vowpal-wabbit-java - Vowpal wabbit java wrapper and a friendly API for it

  •    Java

Vowpal wabbit is a very effective machine learning library (https://github.com/JohnLangford/vowpal_wabbit/wiki). It implements several state of art algorithms in a very efficient way. This java library provides a JNI OOP interface to vowpal wabbit. It depends only on log4j and guava. You don't need vowpal wabbit to be installed if you use this wrapper.

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