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html-void-elements - List of known void HTML elements

  •    Javascript

List of known void HTML elements. Includes ancient (for example, nextid and basefont) and modern (for example, img and meta) tag-names from both W3C and WHATWG.Note: there’s one special case: menuitem. W3C specifies it to be void, but WHATWG doesn’t. I suggest using the void form.

html-tags - List of standard HTML tags

  •    Javascript

It's just a couple of JSON files that can be used in any environment.It intentionally leaves out obsolete tags.

eslint-plugin-no-implicit-side-effects - ESLint plugin for requiring side effects to be explicit.

  •    Javascript

An ESLint plugin to help writing JS in a pure functional style. Forces programmers to be only introduce (own) side effects knowingly by prefixing them with void, making side effects explicit and thus easy to find. In C-like languages, void is most commonly used to denote a function without a return value, so by definition a side effect. In JavaScript, void is used to make any expression have the value undefined, as in no value. An expression that doesn't result in any value is also by definition a side effect. Considering these, I think void is the perfect keyword for this, especially because prefixing an expression whose value is not used with void doesn't change the program's behavior in any way.