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Porcupine - On-device wake word detection engine powered by deep learning.

  •    C

Try out Porcupine using its interactive web demo. You need a working microphone. Try out Porcupine by downloading it's Android demo application. The demo application allows you to test Porcupine on a variety of wake words in any environment.

vr-speech-sandbox-rift - A sample application that demonstrates how to integrate voice commands and speech recognition into a virtual reality experience

  •    CSharp

Watson Conversation is now Watson Assistant. Although some images in this code pattern may show the service as Watson Conversation, the steps and processes will still work. In this Code Pattern we will create a Virtual Reality game based on Watson's Speech-to-Text and Watson's Assistant services.

voicer - AGI-server voice recognizer for #Asterisk

  •    Javascript

Voicer work as AGI-server. Voicer accept request from asterisk via AGI app. It run handler for each request. Handler command asterisk record file. After this send file to recognition service, receive text, search by text in source of data for finding concordance, if source have this text it return channel for call, voicer set dialplan vars RECOGNITION_RESULT as SUCCESS and RECOGNITION_TARGET for finded result.

FDSoundActivatedRecorder - Start recording when the user speaks

  •    Swift

Start recording when the user speaks. All you have to do is tell us when to start listening. Then we wait for an audible noise and start recording. This is mostly useful for user speech input and the "Start talking now prompt". First, install by adding pod 'FDSoundActivatedRecorder', '~> 1.0.0' to your Podfile.

Watson-Unity-ARKit - Build an AI Powered AR Character in Unity with ARKit

  •    CSharp

In this Code Pattern we will use Assistant, Speech-to-Text, and Text-to-Speech deployed to an iPhone with ARKit to have a voice-powered animated avatar in Unity. Augmented reality allows a lower barrier to entry for both developers and end-users thanks to framework compatibility in phones and digital eyewear.

butler - I/O customizable voice driven butler - http://720kb.github.io/butler/

  •    Javascript

Butler.js is the voice driven, portable butler for your personal needs. You can easily customize it to your needs and he will never betray you.

halbert - H

  •    Javascript

H.A.L.B.E.R.T. is a little Node.js project, that is supposed to run on the Raspberry Pi. It is designed to be easily expendable using modules that are simple and easy to write. The name is a combination of the HAL-9000 computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey and the stereotypical butler's name Albert. or using yarn.