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nff-go - NFF-Go -Network Function Framework for GO (former YANFF)

  •    Go

NFF-Go becomes part of DPDK project umbrella under Linux Foundation! Mirror repo can be found here: http://dpdk.org/browse/apps/nff-go/. We will accept patches through DPDK mail-list and standard DPDK contribution process too. NFF-Go is a set of libraries for creating and deploying cloud-native Network Functions (NFs). It simplifies the creation of network functions without sacrificing performance.

multus-cni - Multi-homed pod cni

  •    Go

Please check the CNI documentation for more information on container networking. Multus may be deployed as a Daemonset, and is provided in this guide along with Flannel. Flannel is deployed as a pod-to-pod network that is used as our "default network". Each network attachment is made in addition to this default network.

yanff - YANFF - Yet Another Network Function Framework

  •    Go

YANFF is a set of libraries for creating and deploying cloud-native Network Functions (NFs). It simplifies the creation of network functions without sacrificing performance.YANFF is an Open Source BSD licensed project that runs mostly in Linux user land. The most recent patches and enhancements provided by the community are available in the master branch.

opnfv-cloudify-clearwater - vIMS Clearwater deployment and lifecycle management with Cloudify Orchestrator

  •    Python

This repo contains the TOSCA file and the scripts to deploy and manage a MetaSwitch/Clearwater vIMS on OpenStack platform.It aims to propose a full life-cycle management of this vIMS.

kube-ansible - Spin up a Kubernetes development environment

  •    Shell

kube-ansible is a set of Ansible playbooks and roles that allows you to instantiate a vanilla Kubernetes cluster on (primarily) CentOS virtual machines or baremetal. Additionally, kube-ansible includes CNI pod networking (defaulting to Flannel, with an ability to deploy Weave and Multus).

vnf-asterisk - Documentation, configuration, reference material and other information around an Asterisk-based VNF

  •    Python

In this repository you'll end up finding a mish-mash of information around a project that @dougbtv and @leifmadsen are working on. For this project, we intend to build out an Asterisk-based VNF (virtual network function). This VNF will not be intended to be deployed to production, but rather provide a set of reference material and examples of how you might go about building one. You can think of this as more of a demo or research project.

CNI-Genie - CNI-Genie for choosing pod network of your choice during deployment time

  •    Go

Without CNI-Genie, the orchestrator is bound to only a single CNI plugin. E.g., for the case of Kubernetes, without CNI-Genie, kubelet is bound to only a single CNI plugin passed to kubelet on start. CNI-Genie allows for the co-existance of multiple CNI plugins in runtime.

vpp-agent - VNF management agent for VPP (FD.io) powered by cn-infra

  •    Go

The VPP Agent is a Go implementation of a control/management plane for VPP based cloud-native Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). The VPP Agent is built on top of the CN Infra, platform for developing cloud-native VNFs. The VPP Agent can be used as-is as a management/control agent for VNFs based on off-the-shelf VPP (e.g. a VPP-based vswitch), or as a platform for developing customized VNFs with customized VPP-based data.

generic-vnfm - Repository containing the source code of the generic VNFM

  •    Java

Copyright © 2015-2016 Open Baton. Licensed under Apache v2 License. The Generic VNFManager is an implementation of a VNF Manager following the ETSI MANO specifications. t works as intermediate component between the NFVO and the VNFs, particularly the Virtual Machines on top of which the VNF software is installed. In order to complete the lifecycle of a VNF, it interoperates with the Element Management System (EMS) acting as an agent inside the VMs and executing scripts containeed in the vnf package. This VNFM may be assigned the management of a single VNF instance, or the management of multiple VNF instances of the same type or of different types.

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