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visualixir - A process/message visualizer for BEAM nodes.

Visualixir is a toy process visualizer for remote BEAM nodes, written in Phoenix/Elixir/d3, with live message sequence charts. It's largely intended as a teaching tool, to give newer BEAM programmers a look into the process ecosystem living inside their nodes. However, it may prove of some amusement/use to more experienced folks (it's kinda neat to trace iex and the io system).

SeeGit - SeeGit - The Git Repository Visualizer

This is a little experiment in creating a realtime git repository visualizer. I just want something that I can use during presentations on Git. So as I run commands, it'll show the git graph in a beautiful manner.

Expression Tree Visualizer for VS 2010

The entire project is a "visualizer" that displays the expression tree nodes and node attributes. only important attributes are selected to be appended to the visualization tree in order to keep it simple and useful.

Entity Framework Query Visualizer

This is a visual studio debug visualizer for retrieving the SQL query generated by the Entity Framework at run time. In order to install this visualizer, you need to copy the downloaded DLL file ( EntityFrameworkLinqQueryVisualizer.dll ) to "C:\Users\<User Name>\Documents\V...

WCF Visualizers Tool

Visual Studio 2005 shipped with a very nice feature called debugger visualizers. In accordance with their names, debugger visualizers allow you to visually view useful information about objects during debug. WCF Visualizers Tool contain number of visualizers: 1. Message Visuali


Debug Visualizers for web development. Currently only shows ServerVariables, Form Data, Querystring, Application State and Session State

Formatter and colorer of raw JSON code

Quick Json Formatter is a tool for formatting and coloring raw JSON code. Very often if you use JSON generated by server side code it will be in a nice compact format but at the same time it will be quite hard to read it and possibly alter it. So the tool allows you to make yo...

Entity Visualizers

This project has debugger visualizers for several objects in the Entity Framework: EntityObject, EntityCollection, ObjectQuery and ObjectContext. Some of the source code is based on code from Julie Lerman's book "Programming Entity Framework".

Nearest Stars Visualizer

Nearest Stars Visualizer - is a free 3D tool for visualizing the location and absolute brightness of the nearest stars in three dimensions

Redwerb Visualizers

The Redwerb Visualizers project includes Visual Studio visualizers to help debug images and large strings.

analyser-frequency-average - gets an average intensity between two frequency ranges

For the given WebAudio AnalyserNode, determine the average signal (0 .. 1) between two frequency ranges in Hz. This can be useful for audio visualization on a certain spectrum of the frequency graph.The frequency is assumed to be in byte data, though you can use the floatData entry point to get around this.

furnace-xray - A visualizer for transformations of code in Static Single Assignment form based on the Furnace library

Furnace X-Ray is a visualizer for transformations performed on Static Single Assignment form in the Furnace framework. Now, open your browser Chrome or Chromium and point it to http://localhost:4567.

react-global-render-visualizer - Render visualizer for React

Render visualizer for React. A visual way to see what is (re)rendering and why. Typescript version with support for global React.Component patching ported from https://github.com/marcin-mazurek/react-render-visualizer-decorator.

react-native-bundle-visualizer - See what packages are increasing your react-native bundle size 📦

Uses the awesome webpack-visualizer and haul bundler. Sometimes, importing a single javascript library can drastically increase your bundle size. This package helps you to identify such a library, so you can keep the bundle size low and loading times fast.

sqleton - Visualizes your SQLite database schema

Visualizes your SQLite database schema. The format will be inferred from the name of the output file; you can use any format supported by graphviz (png, pdf, svg, and many more).

2d_texture_fft_visualizer - :telescope: 2D FFT Visualizer

This project is a quick utility to visualize the 2D FFT for power-of-two png files. This project is released under the simplified BSD 2-clause license. All dependencies are under similar permissive licenses. Further details are located in the LICENSE and COPYING files.

RxFiddle - Visualize your Observables

RxFiddle is a debugger for Reactive Extensions (Rx). Every help is welcome improving RxFiddle, either by improving the visualiser or creating custom collectors for your favorite Rx-library.

dprof - Dynamic/structured profiling & visualization for sync and async operations

The visualizer is WIP, you are welcome to contribute with major changes to the existing one. You can easily share a dprof dump with someone who doesn't have dprof installed. Just pipe it to dprof upload and it will upload it to an anonymous gists.