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renpy - The Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine

  •    Ren'Py

Ren'Py development takes place on the master branch, and occasionally on feature branches. Ren'Py depends on a number of Python modules written in Cython and C. For changes to Ren'Py that only involve Python modules, you can use the modules found in the latest nightly build. Otherwise, you'll have to compile the modules yourself.

ExtractData - An extraction tool for visual novels. Originally developed by Yuu.

  •    C

You are using source code that is protected by the GPLv2. When making derivative works, please follow the GPL.

language-renpy - :bookmark_tabs: :electric_plug: Ren'Py package for Atom and Linguist Grammars

  •    Python

Adds syntax highlighting and snippets to Ren'Py files in Atom. It also adds syntax highlighting to GitHub files, markdown code blocks and GitHub Gist (more info here). Originally converted from the Python package for Atom.

ITHVNR - feature/engine update for ITHVNR

  •    C++

Before compiling ITHVNR, You should get CMake, Windows Driver Kit 7.1, and Visual Studio. Releases of ITHVNR can be found here.