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osx-vm-templates - macOS templates for Packer and VeeWee.

  •    Shell

This is a set of Packer templates and support scripts that will prepare an OS X installer media that performs an unattended install for use with Packer and VeeWee. These were originally developed for VeeWee, but support for the VeeWee template has not been maintained since Packer's release and so it is only provided for historical purposes. I plan on removing VeeWee support from this repo soon, but VeeWee can still make use of the preparation script and the OS X template remains in the core VeeWee repo. It's possible to build a machine with different admin account settings, and without the vagrant ssh keys, for use with other systems, e.g. continuous integration.



vmrunGUI is a graphical interface that has been designed around VMware's vmrun.exe command line utility. This application will allow you to simultaneously control Guests across any of VMware's products, including vSphere, ESX/ESXi, Server and Workstation.

vic - Integrated containers engine on vSphere

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vSphere Integrated Containers Engine (VIC Engine) is a container runtime for vSphere, allowing developers familiar with Docker to develop in containers and deploy them alongside traditional VM-based workloads on vSphere clusters, and allowing for these workloads to be managed through the vSphere UI in a way familiar to existing vSphere admins.See VIC Engine Architecture for a high level overview.



Ansible role for installing, configuring and manipulating VMware vCenter Server objects.This role currently supports Debian/Ubuntu distros.

windows-ova - Self-Installing Windows OVA. Automate and distribute Windows as an OVA.

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This is an Virtual Machine in OVA format that will install Windows ontop of itself. I wrote this as an alternative to packer. This OVA basically downloads the evaluation version of the Windows version you select to one drive as installation media and then installs onto the primary drive. After this is done, the smaller secondary drive can be discarded to save disk space. If the default size of the primary drive is not large enough, it should be resized BEFORE booting the OVA for the first time. This OVA supports being repackaged with an ISO for further customization. Simply add at least one file, install.cmd to an iso and attach it before booting the OVA for the first time. The system will boot up, and copy the contents of the iso to the secondary drive, display a message to the user upon success, then shutdown. The VM can be exported as a OVA now for redistribution.

SelfPortal - One for all virtualization abstraction layer.

  •    PHP

SelfPortal is a service, that was created by an Altoros DevOps team in order to resolve problem with granting access to company resources for developers. It has started as a small, almost static web page, that helped developers to publish their websites into the global network, but over time became a utility, that provide wide possibilites to create virtual development environment, manage it and clear while necessary. Secure control over all the resources is a kind of main idea of our project. These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes. See deployment for notes on how to deploy the project on a live system.

node-libvirt - libvirt bindings for google v8 javascript engine (nodejs addon)

  •    C++

Node-Libvirt is a set of bindings to Libvirt API, which allows to use it from Javascript. You must have NodeJS and Libvirt already installed to be able to build node-libvirt.