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vim-bootstrap - Vim Bootstrap is generator provides a simple method of generating a

  •    Vim

Vim Bootstrap is generator provides a simple method of generating a .vimrc configuration for vim, NeoVim, MacVim and GVim.The distribution is designed to work with Vim >= 7.4.

k-vim - vim配置

  •    Vim

Just a Better Vim Config. Keep it Simple.

space-vim - :four_leaf_clover: Lean & mean spacemacs-ish Vim distribution

  •    Vim

space-vim is a vim distribution for vim plugins and resources, compatible with Vim and NeoVim. It is inspired by spacemacs and mimics spacemacs in a high level, especially in the whole architecture, key bindings and GUI. if have ever tried spacemacs, you will find space-vim is very similar to it in user experience.

vim-as-an-ide - Workshop on how to use Vim Plugins.

  •    VimL

This repository is the result of a tech talk that I gave at Carnegie Mellon University on February 25, 2015. Its central motivation is this: students who have been instructed or told to use Vim to complete programming assignments while ssh'ed are missing out on the vast power that lies within Vim. In my experience as a TA and fellow student, learning the former requires the latter and vice versa, leading to a vicious cycle of Vim peril. With this in mind, this repository aims to cure the latter, so that the vicious cycle can end.

dotfiles - Configuration for Arch Linux, i3, termite, fish, Vim and more

  •    Python

This repository consists of configuration for any tools I use within my Arch Linux and Emacs development environment. I use a lot of tools which culminate in a sort of Unix IDE, I use stow to link all of the required configuration into my home directory. Firstly, clone this repository down to ~/dotfiles, a few things assume it's kept there, sorry.

vimfiles - Awesome vimfiles for Ruby and Javascript development

  •    Vim

Support for Javascript, Ember, React, Ruby, Rails, Git, Sparkup, Slim, Sass, JSX, CoffeeScript, Markdown, and more with nice color schemes. Please also check install dependencies section.

vimtips - :book: Tips for Vim


Please email any comments, suggestions including spelling, grammatical and/or formatting issues with this document.

dotvim - My vim config

  •    Vim

There are notes in refs/notes/*.

vimrc - :seat: Options for my preferred text editor.

  •    Vim

This repository contains my setup for Neovim and other Vim related projects like Vimperator and IdeaVIM. I've decided to move my development environment over to Neovim after reading Greer's post on the matter. This comes souped up with close to 80 (or more plugins) to enhance my development experience with a very short start time (~11ms on my laptop). Whenever I make some changes, I update my startuptime.txt file for reference. I'm just going to make this simple little change for the lulz.

config - holy cow, wholly config! Vim, Zshell, Ack, & the rest of my dot-files.

  •    Vim

The following rake tasks will set up symbolic links in your home directory for each of the included configuration files.

.dotfiles - Happiness in a git repo

  •    Shell

Happiness in a git repo

dots-personal - My personal dotfiles. Uses the dots utility to manage installation and organization.

  •    Shell

These are my personal configuration files for my various machines. Configuration files are grouped into different 'configuration' groups that allow for specific installations based on the type of machine the dotfiles are being installed on. For example, the dotfiles installed for a server would be different than the dotfiles installed on my home desktop or work laptop. These dotfiles are managed using the dots dotfile managment utility.

miv - Vim plugin manager written in Haskell

  •    Haskell

This software is released under the MIT License, see LICENSE. I've changed some interfaces of miv recently. Configuration files for older miv cannot be recognized correctly by the new one. I'm sorry. You can fix up your configuration with the following steps.

ruby_single_test - VIM plugin for running a single ruby test under the cursor

  •    VimL

VIM plugin for running a single Ruby test under the cursor. Supports Test::Unit, Rspec and Minitest.