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jupyter-vim-binding - Jupyter meets Vim. Vimmer will fall in love.

  •    Javascript

Do you use Vim? And you need to use Jupyter Notebook? This is a Jupyter Notebook (formerly known as IPython Notebook) extension to enable Vim like environment powered by CodeMirror's Vim. I'm sure that this plugin helps to improve your QOL. While I changed my job, I don't use jupyter notebook and I can't make enough time to maintain this plugin.

atom-vim-mode-plus - vim-mode improved

  •    CoffeeScript

vim-mode improved. These features are very powerful, especially for the power user. Read the following documents to learn how to use them.

athame - Full vim for your shell (bash, zsh, gdb, python, etc)

  •    C

Athame patches your shell to add full Vim support by routing your keystrokes through an actual Vim process. Athame can currently be used to patch readline (used by bash, gdb, python, etc) and/or zsh (which doesn't use readline). Yes, and if you're fine with basic vi imitations designed by a bunch of Emacs users, feel free to use them. ...but for the true Vim fanatics who sacrifice goats to the modal gods, Athame gives you the full power of Vim.

atom-narrow - narrow something

  •    Javascript

You can check GIFs for all bundled provider here. I use scan, search, git-diff-all, symbols in daily-basis, for other providers I don't use much. To follow this quick-tour, you don't need custom keymap.

atom-open-this - Open file under cursor like `gf`(Vim), `C-x C-f`(Emacs)

  •    CoffeeScript

Open file under cursor. Like gf on Vim, C-x C-f on Emacs. No default keymap, copy and paste to your keymap.cson from following example.

atom-vim-mode-plus-ex-mode - Experiment to implement ex-mode for vim-mode-plus

  •    Javascript

Default keymaps are provided from v0.8.0. In normal-mode, following keymaps are available. !: vim-mode-plus-ex-mode:toggle-setting: toggle boolean setting-value.

atom-vim-mode-visual-block - Add visual-blockwise operation to vim-mode.

  •    CoffeeScript

I'm no longer maintaining this package. Use vim-mode-plus instead it's have native visual-block-mode support. If you want to fix any bug for this package, fork it and I'm OK you to release forked version. Please don't ask me to fix this package.

vim_ahk - Setting file to emulate vim with AutoHotKey

  •    AutoHotkey

Setting file/exe file of AutoHotkey for Vim emulation. vim.ahk is the setting file for AutoHotkey(Autohotkey_L).

SmalltalkVimMode - Vim Mode for Playground, System Browser, Debugger in Pharo.

  •    Smalltalk

Vim Mode for Playground, System Browser, Debugger in Pharo. Command + / comment/uncomment selected code, if there is no selection, the current line will be commented/uncommented.

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