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django-braces - Reusable, generic mixins for Django

Mixins for Django's class-based views. Add yourself to CONTRIBUTORS.txt if you want.

Butterknife - Bind Android views and callbacks to fields and methods.

Field and method binding for Android views which uses annotation processing to generate boilerplate code for you. Annotate fields with @BindView and a view ID for Butter Knife to find and automatically cast the corresponding view in your layout. Instead of slow reflection, code is generated to perform the view look-ups. Calling bind delegates to this generated code that you can see and debug.

visionary - Views loader plugin for hapi.js

Views loader plugin for hapi.js.Used to configure a views engine when using rejoice (the hapi CLI) or glue. This plugin allows configuring the views manager from a manifest which is a plain JSON file and cannot contain calls to server.views() or require the rendering engine.

sails-generate-views - Generate default views for a Sails app

A views generator for use with the Sails command-line interface.Certain generators are installed by default in Sails, but they can be overridden. Check the Sails docs for information on installing generator overrides / custom generators.

gulp-dust - Precompile Dust templates

Issues with the output should be reported on the Dust issue tracker.You can override the default behavior by supplying a function which gets the current File object and is expected to return the name.

hapi-dust - hapi compatibility for dust.js

If you're using dustjs-linkedin, hapi-dust will also try to load dustjs-helpers, which you'll also need to install if you want helpers support.

ratchet - Plain HTML Templates

Ratchet is a friendly little transformer that's here to fix your views. For use with Phoenix, check out PhoenixRatchet.

NDDB - Javascript lightweight N-dimensional database

NDDB is a powerful and versatile object database for node.js and the browser. NDDB (N-Dimensional DataBase) supports indexes, views, hashes, joins, group-by, basic statistics, custom operations, saving and loading from file system and browser localStorage, and much more.

node-view-helpers - expressjs view helper methods

This module is used as express middleware and it provides helper methods to the views. In your views you would have access to some methods and variables. The middleware also exposes req object.

backbone-bind-to - Backbone

Backbone.js extension for automatic binding and unbinding of model events to views. Backbone.BindTo automatically unbinds from all model and collection events when the view element is removed via Backbone.View#remove. Also unbinds from all events binded via #bindTo.

react-native-sliding-panes - A simple set of React Native components that allow for views that slide in and out on command

The SlidingPane component can be used all on its own, or with any number of other SlidingPane instances within a SlidingPaneWrapper component.

divan - abandonia, not using this anymore

Fast in-process in-memory key-value store for node with snapshot and AOF persistance and CouchDB-style map-reduce views. Just make sure your data fits in memory, currently I wouldn't recommend divan for a dataset with more than 500K docs. You can add views via db.addView or by parsing a directory of design files via db.design(path). The design-files can either be .json files of couchdb-design-doc flavour, or .js files that export objects with map and reduce methods. Note that when using .js docs, map functions need to accept the emit function as the second parameter.