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node-ytdl - Command line youtube video downloader.

  •    Javascript

A youtube downloader written in Javascript. To be used with the command line. If you're looking to use it in your node program, check out ytdl-core.

node-ytdl-core - Youtube downloader in javascript.

  •    HTML

Yet another youtube downloading module. Written with only Javascript and a node-friendly streaming interface. For a CLI version of this, check out ytdl and pully.

yturl - YouTube videos on the command line

  •    Python

yturl gets direct media URLs to YouTube media, freeing you having to view them in your browser. yturl is still maintained, but is pretty much "done". Outside of changes to match YouTube API changes, bug fixes, and support for newer Python versions, development is complete.

InstagramDownload - Instagram image and video downloader with URL validation and cURL integration

  •    PHP

Modernized version of your favorite Instagram Photo and video download helper class. If you are looking for the legacy version, see here. I wrote this class mainly for my [online Instagram photo and video downloader] 1, but I thought share this piece for your own extensions.

cybrary-video-downloader - Downloads Course Videos From Cybrary.it

  •    Python

This program is made for the love and passion for cybersecurity. Also for the needs for offline learning.

karim - Downloader for YouTube

  •    Vala

Karim is a graphical interface to the youtube-dl command-line tool. Built from the ground up for the elementary operating system. Unfortunately karim was rejected from AppCenter (read more).

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