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vhost - virtual domain hosting

  •    Javascript

Create a new middleware function to hand off request to handle when the incoming host for the request matches hostname. The function is called as handle(req, res, next), like a standard middleware. hostname can be a string or a RegExp object. When hostname is a string it can contain * to match 1 or more characters in that section of the hostname. When hostname is a RegExp, it will be forced to case-insensitive (since hostnames are) and will be forced to match based on the start and end of the hostname.

VHostScan - A virtual host scanner that performs reverse lookups, can be used with pivot tools, detect catch-all scenarios, work around wildcards, aliases and dynamic default pages

  •    Python

A virtual host scanner that can be used with pivot tools, detect catch-all scenarios, aliases and dynamic default pages. First presented at SecTalks BNE in September 2017 (slidedeck). Dependencies will then be installed and VHostScan will be added to your path. If there is an issue regarding running python3 setup.py build_ext, you will need to reinstall numpy using pip uninstall numpy and pip install numpy==1.12.0. This should resolve the issue as there are sometimes issues with numpy being installed through setup.py.

express-vhost - Improves on express

  •    Javascript

Improves on express.js middleware for vhost by avoiding expensive regex chains. This will perform better and scale more than connect vhost.

hoost - Easily manage your virtual hosts

  •    Javascript

Add a host in /etc/hosts. Remove a host in /etc/hosts.

koa-virtual-host - :zap: A name-based virtual host middleware for Koa2.

  •    Javascript

A name-based virtual host middleware for Koa2. Notes that if you pass an Object to patterns, RegExp patterns will not be supported. To enable RegExp support, you need to pass an Array.

vhost-creator - A simple bash script to create virtual host vhost with apache on Ubuntu or CentOS

  •    Shell

This is a useful bash script that will let you save time creating vhosts for you. It supports both ubuntu and centos (be careful to write ubuntu or centos in lowercase).

vhost-user - vhost for containerised storage

  •    C

The Goal of this project is to provide simple API for reading and writing bytes from storage backend provided by SPDK vhost app. Compared to SPDK's virtio library this library does not enforce any particular application design (non-blocking and busy polling style adopted by SPDK and applications built on top of it). Thus it is more suitable for legacy applications which are typically multithreaded and use classic synchronization primitives. This is a proof of concept suitable for experimenting and evaluating performance. It neither feature complete nor stable enough and design of some parts would need to change considerably to make it production ready.

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