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propeller-vt100-terminal - ANSI / VT-100 Terminal emulator for Parallax Propeller microcontroller with VGA and USB support

  •    Propeller

Firmware for a serial terminal add-on board designed for the RC2014 computer. It adds VGA video output as 80x25 text (640x400@70Hz) with ANSI / VT-100 terminal emulation, and USB keyboard input. Using a single Parallax Propeller microcontroller running at 80MHz. JP1 and JP2 can be used to disconnect the board from the standard RX and TX lines on the bus and connect to another serial port (for example to the secondary port of the dual serial board). Use the top pads to connect the RX and TX lines respectively.

waitvid.2048 - video drivers for the Parallax P8X32A

  •    Propeller

A collection of video drivers for the Parallax P8X32A. Primary design goals are minimal core usage and/or full colour mode. Sometimes though, just proving a point.

vgasim - A Video display simulator

  •    Verilog

This repository contains a Video Controller. This controller includes not only the low-level framer, but also a bus controller to read values from memory to then be displayed on the screen. This is the basis of a frame buffer approach to video. This capability is fully demonstrated via the Verilator based simulator.