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vert.x - Vert.x is a tool-kit for building reactive applications on the JVM

  •    Java

This is the repository for Vert.x core.Vert.x core contains fairly low-level functionality, including support for HTTP, TCP, file system access, and various other features. You can use this directly in your own applications, and it's used by many of the other components of Vert.x.

vertx-examples - Vert.x examples

  •    Java

This repository contains a range of examples so you can get up and running easily with Vert.x. Start with the simplest Maven example to show you how setup a simple Vert.x project that uses Maven. You need to have Java 8 installed and set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to your Java 8 installation.

vertx-web - HTTP web applications for Vert.x

  •    Java

Vert.x-Web is a set of building blocks for building web applications with Vert.x. Think of it as a Swiss Army Knife for building modern, scalable, web apps. Template engine implementations are in the template engine sub-project.

vertx-blueprint-microservice - Vert.x Blueprint Project - Micro-Shop microservice application

  •    Java

Vert.x blueprint application - A micro-shop microservice application developed with Vert.x. This repo is intended to be an illustration on how to design microservice architecture and develop microservice applications using Vert.x. This blueprint works with Vert.x 3.4.1.

vertx-guide-for-java-devs - Vert.x guide for Java developers

  •    Java

This document has received contributions from Arnaud Esteve, Marc Paquette, Ashley Bye, Ger-Jan te Dorsthorst, Htet Aung Shine and others.

Jax-RS-Performance-Comparison - :zap: Performance Comparison of Jax-RS implementations and embedded containers

  •    Java

Gajotres have written an article: Top 8 Java RESTful Micro Frameworks. He listed 8 best light weight Java RESTful framework. Personally, I perfer jax-rs implementations and micro frameworks for deploying applications as micro services and those micro services can be deployed in docker containers.You can check the test result and the performancre chart.

vertx-gradle-plugin - An opinionated Gradle plugin for Vert.x projects

  •    Kotlin

An opinionated Gradle plugin for Vert.x projects. This plugin simplifies building and running Vert.x applications with Gradle.

vertx-maven-plugin - Vert.x Maven Plugin - https://vmp.fabric8.io

  •    Java

A plugin to allow package, start, stop, run of Vert.x applications

vertx-graphql-example - Vert.x Server which exposes a GraphQL API

  •    Javascript

I recently added GraphQL support to Gentics Mesh and I thought it would be a good idea to boil down the essence of my implementation in example so that I could share it in a simpler form. This example will not cover all aspects that I have added to the Gentics Mesh API (e.g. paging, search and error handling) but it will give you a basic overview of the parts that I put together. GraphQL does not require a GraphDB even if the name might suggest it. Using a graphdb in combination with GraphQL does nevertheless provide you with some advantages which I will highlight later on. Most graphql examples which I found make use of that domain model. I adoped the graphql-java demo schema and added some values.

atmosphere-vertx - Atmosphere for Vert.x

  •    Java

atmosphere-vertx: A HTTP/WebSocket server powered by Atmosphere and Vert.x Framework

angular-vertxbus - AngularJS 1.x service wrapper for the Vert.x Event Bus

  •    Javascript

Either download it manually or install it automatically with Bower bower install -D angular-vertxbus or npm npm install -D angular-vertxbus. Then only import dist/angular-vertxbus.js or dist/angular-vertxbus.min.js. The file itself comes with a CJS header.


  •    Javascript

slush-vertx is a collection of template driven code generators to scaffold Vert.x projects based on language and build tool used.

vertx-starter - POC for vert.x starter project

  •    Javascript

The whole SPA is data-driven, build tools can be added to the file metadata/buildtools.json. A field can be seen as a variable that can be used later on the code generation.

demo-vertx-kotlin-rxjava2-kubernetes - Demonstration of Eclipse Vert

  •    Kotlin

This repository contains several reactive services to be deployed in Kubernetes. The kubernetes folder contains resource descriptors and notes for Kubernetes and minikube.

vertx-materials - Various stuff about Vert.x

  •    Java

This is a book effort that aims to document more advanced/internal about Vert.x. The book uses the Vert.x Docgen project to render Java code in the Asciidoc files, allowing real source code to be included in the project with Javadoc {@link} tags.

ngrx-realtime-app - Demo to build a realtime Angular app with a Vert

  •    TypeScript

This is a proof of concept that demonstrates the ability to build a realtime app with an Angular web client (powered by a Ngrx data architecture) and a Vert.x server. Please check the Medium article Building a realtime web app with Angular/Ngrx and Vert.x for more info.


  •    HTML

This example shows how to use Gentics Mesh in combination with Vert.x. The Gentics Mesh GraphQL API is being used to located the requested content. This content is used by vertx.x to render various Handlebars templates.

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