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textarea-autosize - Vertically adjust a textarea based on user input without using a clone or ghost element

  •    CSS

So why build this? Many solutions didn't feel smooth. In some the textarea would flicker on entering new lines with a noticeable delay in resizing. Most were outdated and all were a lot bulkier than they had to be. Many had to use a mirror textarea or ghost element with some needing presentation values set in script. I wanted just the behavior in the script and anything regarding presentation should be controlled through CSS. Or add textarea-autosize to your application's bower.json.

android-verticalseekbar - Vertical SeekBar class which supports Android 2.3 - 7.x.

  •    Java

Vertical SeekBar class which supports Android 2.3 - 7.x. This library is published on jCenter. Just add these lines to build.gradle.


  •    JQuery

Valing is a small jQuery plugin which allows you to align vertically any HTML element without CSS hacks.


  •    JQuery

sGlide is a super flexible and light-weight jQuery plugin that generates a simple, feature-rich mobile ready slider.

phaser-scrollable - A phaser component to implement a scrollable group.

  •    Javascript

This component can simulate vertical and horizontal scrolling to a Phaser.Group. This component is directly derived from jdnichollsc's amazing work on his plugin, Kinetic Scrolling Plugin. I converted it to use groups instead of moving the camera, added support for multiple scrollers, and some bug fixes.

react-vertical-timeline - vertical progress bar with bookmark support

  •    Javascript

Include the following package in your package.json : npm install --save react-vertical-timeline'. Clone the repo : git clone https://github.com/yeyus/react-vertical-timeline.

react-native-lahk-marquee-label-vertical - A react-native marquee(vertical) label component.

  •    Javascript

A react-native marquee(vertical) label component. This is a vertical marquee label.

shevy - Configurable Vertical Rhythm & Typography for Sass

  •    CSS

A simple, configurable Sass library for typography with perfect vertical rhythm. Shevy is a Sass library, and thus requires Sass to be installed on your machine and and some means of compiling Sass down to CSS. I leave the details of that setup to you.

FramerBottomSheet - Component inspired on the bottom sheet view pattern of Maps (iOS) by Apple.

  •    CoffeeScript

Copy the BottomSheet.coffee file in the modules directory inside your project. You can always use bottomSheet.content.animate('stateName', options) if you want have more control.

vertical-timeline - Responsive, jQuery-based vertical timeline generator

  •    HTML

Vertical Timeline is a responsive, jQuery-based generator that builds a timeline based on user input. It comes with a number of customization options out of the box such as displaying dates, alternating toggle, animation, and choosing which side it starts on. It comes with little to no styling other than what it required, so it can be styled to suite your specific needs. I originally created a timeline for my personal website, however I have since found a number of possible reuse options for it, so I decided to create this simple plugin. The website for this plugin can be found here, which has the demo.

rulerz - [Looking for maintainer] A simple Atom package to mark your cursor position with a ruler.

  •    CoffeeScript

[Looking for new maintainer] - @chmac has taken on maintenance on a "best effort" basis. If anyone is motivated to take over maintenance of this package, please reach out in an issue. A simple Atom package to mark each of your cursors with a vertical ruler. Inspired by the Sublime Text plugin CursorRuler.

ngSlimscroll - AngularJS implementation of slimScroll

  •    Javascript

This version also supports horizontal scrolling, please see the example for more information about configuring the horizontal scroll.

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