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autochecker - ♻️ Test your libraries in many different versions of NodeJS, Ruby, Java and many other languages

  •    Javascript

autochecker tests your libraries in many different versions of NodeJS, Ruby, Java and many other languages.Created to make it easier and effortless to make sure your library works in many versions of a language runtime.

hyperboot - offline webapp bootloader

  •    Javascript

Single page applications, where appropriate, have many usability benefits: once you give someone a URL they can immediately load your app and start using it. Native and desktop applications require more setup but once you've installed an app it doesn't change or disappear without warning.hyperboot gives your users the benefits of explicit, immutable versioning with control over upgrades using the html-version-spec while preserving the simplicity of passing around a URL.

n-install - Installs n, the Node

  •    Shell

Installs n, the Node.js version manager, on Unix-like platforms, without needing to install Node.js first. Additionally, installs scripts n-update for later on-demand updating of n, and n-uninstall for uninstalling. This is by far the simplest way to get started with both n and Node.js - even if you're looking to install only the latest LTS (long-term support) Node.js version, with no (immediate) plans to install multiple versions.

npm-dependency-db - Query npm dependents of a certain version or version range of a given package

  •    Javascript

Use npm-dependency-db to list which npm packages depends on a given version (or version range) of a given npm package.A hosted web version of this module exists at: dependency.land.

test-all-versions - Run your test suite against all published versions of a dependency

  •    Javascript

Run your test suite against all published versions of a given dependency.If tav is run without specifying a module, it will instead look for a .tav.yml file in cwd and expect that to contain all its configuration. This is similar to how Travis CI works with .travis.yml.

appfeed - version feed for trusted application delivery

  •    Javascript

Return a duplex stream to replicate with another appfeed.cb(err, doc) fires with the doc.key of this release.

semver.io - semver range resolution as a service

  •    CoffeeScript

semver.io is a plaintext and JSON webservice that tracks all available versions of node.js, iojs, npm, yarn, nginx, and mongodb. It uses that version info to resolve semver range queries. It's used by Heroku's node buildpack and is open-sourced on GitHub.

node-im-resize - Efficient image resize with multiple versions support

  •    Javascript

Efficient image resize with support for multiple thumbnail configurations using ImageMagick's convert command. Resize a given source image into several versions.

versions - Versions, A small module for creating a flexible CDN application

  •    Javascript

Please note that the build status only displays the status of the GitHub master branch. New stable versions are only released once the master passes all tests. Versions comes with tons of features to make it easier for you to set up a simple static server. We try to support as many features as a normal paid CDN would provide for you.

ansible-role-php-versions - Ansible Role - PHP Versions


Allows different PHP versions to be installed when using the geerlingguy.php role (or a similar role). This role was originally built for Drupal VM but was released more generically so others could use an easier mechanism for switching PHP versions. The PHP version to be installed. Any currently-supported PHP major version is a valid option (e.g. 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, etc.

PhpVersionSwitcher - Simple and straightforward C# app for switching PHP versions

  •    CSharp

Create php.ini files in the configurations directory. In all php.ini files you can use %phpDir% variable. This is especially useful for zend_extension, e.g. Update phpDir option in PhpVersionSwitcher.json to contain path to the base PHP directory.

available-versions - Returns a promise with new versions higher than given for a npm module

  •    Javascript

Fetches new versions for a given NPM package higher than given version. The comments are clipped and cleaned up to be a single line, I recommend using semantic-release to make sure the output is useful.

why_bump_android_minsdk - Why you should bump your Android app minsdk?


You should always keep bumping your minSdk version for the Android app. Newer API levels (OS versions in Android) come with more fixes and features that you can start using. But if you're required to make that case, this document should help. Android Studio currently already provides a neat listing (with a picker and all) everytime you create an Android Studio project. For the lazy, i'll include a screenshot from each of those APIs.

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