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gradle-versioneye-plugin - Plugin for Gradle to update your project's dependencies status on www

  •    Groovy

Plugin for Gradle to update your project dependencies status on VersionEye based on the resolved dependency configurations of your Gradle project. It works quite similar to the VersionEye plugin for Maven.

crawl_r - VersionEye crawlers implemented in Ruby.

  •    Roff

This repo contains some crawlers implemented in Ruby. First fire up the VersionEye backend services like described here.

ops_contrib - Infrastructure code to setup your own VersionEye instance.

  •    Shell

The software for VersionEye is shipped in multiple Docker images. VersionEye is a distributed system which is a composition of at least 8 Docker images. The Docker images and their relations to each other are described in docker compose files. This repository describes how to fetch, start, stop and monitor the VersionEye Docker images. Some of the commands and files below are found on the root of this repository, thus cloning the repository is the easier way to get access to them. Alternatively you can download the files or use the repository archive.

versioneye-security - Security Crawler for VersionEye

  •    Ruby

For persistence you should comment in and adjust the mount volumes in docker-compose.yml for MongoDB and ElasticSearch. If you are not interested in persisting the data on your host you can let it untouched. The most important env. variables are the ones for the backend systems, which point to MongoDB, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ and Memcached.