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PiracyChecker - An Android library that prevents your app from being pirated / cracked using Google Play Licensing (LVL), APK signature protection and more

  •    Java

An Android library that prevents your app from being pirated / cracked using Google Play Licensing (LVL), APK signature protection and more. This library applies some techniques to help protect your app's users and attempt to thwart reverse engineers and attackers. BUT, this isn't guaranteed to stop your app from getting pirated. There is no such thing as 100% security, and a determined and skilled attacker with enough time, could remove these checks from the code. The real objective here is to raise the bar out of reach of opportunist and automatic attackers.

node-rsa - Node.js RSA library

  •    Javascript

This library developed and tested primary for Node.js, but it still can work in browsers with browserify. You can specify some options by second/third constructor argument, or over key.setOptions() method.

awesome_bot - :white_check_mark: Validate links in awesome projects

  •    Ruby

awesome_bot checks for valid URLs in a file, it can be used to verify pull requests updating a README. You can check multiple files (comma separated or * pattern, look below for details).

node-scrypt - Scrypt for Node

  •    C

Scrypt for Node/IO is a native node/io C++ wrapper for Colin Percival's scrypt cryptographic hash utility. As should be the case with any security tool, this library should be scrutinized by anyone using it. If you find or suspect an issue with the code- please bring it to my attention and I'll spend some time trying to make sure that this tool is as secure as possible.

Crystal Reports Location Setter


Lightweight utility to change connection information on one or more Crystal Reports. Crystal Reports Location Setter can also perform the "Verify database" operation on one or more reports. Reports are saved in CR 10.5 format

js-jose - JavaScript library to encrypt/decrypt data in JSON Web Encryption (JWE) format and to sign/verify data in JSON Web Signature (JWS) format

  •    Javascript

Library to encrypt and decrypt data in JSON Web Encryption (JWE) format and to sign data in JSON Web Signature (JWS) format. Leverages Browser's native web crypto API.

please-upgrade-node - :information_desk_person: Show a message to your users to upgrade Node instead of a stacktrace

  •    Javascript

It's common for new Node users to miss the npm engines warning when installing a CLI. This package displays a beginner-friendly message if their Node version is below the one expected.>= is the only operator supported by please-upgrade-node (e.g. >=4, >=4.0, >=4.0.0).

iap_verifier - Node.js implementation of iOS In App Purchase receipt verification

  •    CoffeeScript

It has no external dependencies other than node itself. IAPVerifier takes an iOS In App purchase receipt string in it's raw string form and sends it to the Apple servers for verification, it then returns a response indicating whether the receipt is valid or not.

git-secure-tag - Secure git tag signing

  •    Javascript

git uses SHA-1 hashes when signing tag. SHA-1 is generally deprecated and is not a collision-safe anymore (though, collisions are yet to come pre-image attack is yet to come).git-secure-tag runs cat-file recursively for each entry (sorted alphabetically), enters submodules (if present), and hashes file/directory names, file contents, and submodules (recursively again) into a resulting Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: ... SHA512 digest.

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