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vim-signify - :heavy_plus_sign: Show a diff using Vim its sign column.

Signify (or just Sy) uses the sign column to indicate added, modified and removed lines in a file that is managed by a version control system (VCS). If git is the only version control system you use, I suggest having a look at vim-gitgutter.

git-js - A light weight interface for running git commands in any node.js application.

A light weight interface for running git commands in any node.js application. Requires git to be installed and that it can be called using the command git.

vcs - VCS Repo management through a common interface in Go

Manage repos in varying version control systems with ease through a common interface.In this case NewRepo will detect the VCS is Git and return a GitRepo. All of the repos implement the Repo interface with a common set of features between them.

git-utils - Git Node Module

Helpers for working with Git repositories built natively on top of libgit2.Open the repository at the given path. This will return null if the repository at the given path does not exist or cannot be opened.

tempisfugit - a node.js async binding to git. holy crap.

A native Javascript client for interacting with GIT. Based loosely off of libgit2 -- the goal is to provide an asynchronous interface to GIT versioned repositories.

merge-this - Revision control stress tests

Merge This! is a test suite for revision control tools designed to stress test their merge algorithms. Think of it as an Acid3 test for version control systems. Merge This! has a number of small test cases representing typical development patterns which might cause merge conflicts. Each VCS performs the merge and we evaluate the results. The goal is to codify many software revision patterns in this fashion.

ansible-role-git - Ansible Role - Git

Installs Git, a distributed version control system, on any RHEL/CentOS or Debian/Ubuntu Linux system. None.

ansible-role-gitlab - Ansible Role - GitLab

Installs GitLab, a Ruby-based front-end to Git, on any RedHat/CentOS or Debian/Ubuntu linux system. None.

ansible-role-gogs - Ansible Role - Gogs: Go Git Service

Installs Gogs, a Go-based front-end to Git, on RedHat or Debian-based linux systems. After the playbook is finished, visit the gogs server (on port 3000 by default), and you will be redirected to the /install page, where you can configure an administrator account and other default options.

ansible-role-svn - Ansible Role - SVN

Installs Apache SVN (Subversion) on any RHEL/CentOS or Debian/Ubuntu Linux system. The svnserve service, which allows access to repositories via the svn:// protocol runs on port 3690 by default, so please make sure that port is open on your firewall.

FSDevTools - Project to support developer experience (DX) with FirstSpirit template development by offering a connection between a VCS like Git and FirstSpirit

FSDevTools is a project to optimize the developer experience (DX) with FirstSpirit. In order to use FSDevTools various prerequisites must be considered. They are described in detail inside the zip or tar.gz file of the binary distribution. The following list is just a short overview.