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sabre/dav - CalDAV, CardDAV and WebDAV framework for PHP

  •    PHP

sabre/dav is the most popular WebDAV framework for PHP. Use it to create WebDAV, CalDAV and CardDAV servers. It supports WebDAV, CalDAV, CardDAV, vCard, jCard, iCalendar 2.0, jCal, current-user-principa,l Extended MKCOL, WebDAV-sync, CardDAV directories, CalDAV delegation, CalDAV sharing.

vdirsyncer - 📇 Synchronize calendars and contacts.

  •    Python

Vdirsyncer is a command-line tool for synchronizing calendars and addressbooks between a variety of servers and the local filesystem. The most popular usecase is to synchronize a server with a local folder and use a set of other programs to change the local events and contacts. Vdirsyncer can then synchronize those changes back to the server. However, vdirsyncer is not limited to synchronizing between clients and servers. It can also be used to synchronize calendars and/or addressbooks between two servers directly.

todoman - ✅ A simple, standards-based, cli todo (aka: task) manager.

  •    Python

Todoman is a simple, standards-based, cli todo (aka: task) manager. Todos are stored into icalendar files, which means you can sync them via CalDAV using, for example, vdirsyncer. Todoman is now part of the pimutils project, and is hosted at GitHub.

contacts - 📇 Contacts app for Nextcloud

  •    Javascript

A contacts app for Nextcloud. Easily sync contacts from various devices with your Nextcloud and edit them online.In your Nextcloud, simply navigate to »Apps«, choose the category »Organization«, find the Contacts app and enable it. Then open the Contacts app from the app menu.

ez-vcard - A vCard parser library for Java

  •    Java

A library that reads and writes vCards, supporting all versions of the vCard standard (2.1, 3.0, and 4.0) as well as xCard (XML-encoded vCards), hCard (HTML-encoded vCards), and jCard (JSON-encoded vCards).

MixERP.Net.VCards - vCard Serializer and Parser for C#

  •    CSharp

vCard Serializer and Parser for C#

create-vcard - Create a vCard from an object. Simple wrapper around vcards-js.

  •    Javascript

Create a vCard from an object. Simple wrapper around vcards-js. See src/index.js for a list of all the valid properties.

node-vcard - parse vCard files/data into JSON

  •    Javascript

node-vcard parses vCard data into nice JSON. It can read files from disk and then parse them with vCard.parseFile(), or the vCard data can be passed to it for direct parsing with vCard.parse(). This module only does basic validation of the files, so if you have NICKNAME field (added in version 3.0) in a 2.1 file and this causes issues elsewhere in the chain, it's your responsibility for now. Maybe in the future, it'll be ours...

go-vcard - A Go library to parse and format vCard

  •    Go

A Go library to parse and format vCard.

ical-rs - Rust parser for ics (rfc5545) and vcard (rfc6350)

  •    Rust

This library parse the ICalendar format defined in RFC5545, as well asl similar formats like VCard. There are probably some issues to be taken care of, but the library should work for most cases. If you like to help out and would like to discuss any API changes, please contact me or create an issue.

cozy-vcard - Cozy-vcard provides vcard Parser and Objects

  •    CoffeeScript

cozy-vcard is a simple library to deal with the vcard format. It makes life easier to parse vcard files. This vCard importer doesn't try to follow the official RFC. It is just made to handle properly vCards from major vendors: Google, Android, iOS, OSX and thunderbird.

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