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VB6 and VB.NET Inter-op Samples German for VB.NET Jetzt


MSDN Webcast - VB.NET Jetzt Sample Code. For more info see http://msdn.microsoft.com/de-de/vbrun

RobotBuilds. Helper for MSBuilds and VB6 compilations


This project aims to facilitate the work of compilation in Visual Basic 6.0 software developers that still maintain this type of solutions. RobotBuilds can works separately or in conjunction with MSBuilds.

Internet Radio Tuner


Internet Radio Tuner allows users to easily manage internet streams for their favourite traditional radio stations. It also allows for albums stored in a users Windows Media Player library to be played as a whole. It is written in VB6

UcsFiscalPrinters - Unicontsoft Fiscal Printers Component

  •    VB

UcsFP is a COM component that can be used to configure and operate fiscal printers that are popular in Bulgaria. The component supports printing fiscal and non-fiscal receipts, printing daily reports as well as configuring device settings (usually done by registered companies). UcsFP implements lowest-level protocols that are supported by the fiscal printers, usually sending native commands directly to the COM port the device is attached to.

UMMM - Unattended Make My Manifest

  •    VB

UMMM is a tool that can be using in automated builds to create manifests for registration-free COM activation. The tool uses an ini file that describes referenced COM/.NET components. All the classes and interfaces from a referenced component are extracted and included in the application (exe file) manifest at build time. Here is a sample multi-project solution with references between VB6 projects and references to external components.

vbsqlite - Staticly compiled sqlite into a VB6 ActiveX dll

  •    C

This project requires a custom linker that can selectively swap VB6 .obj files for C/C++ replacement (surrogate) .cobj files before linking final executable. First compile the included linker project from lib/linker directory (just 115 LOC), then locate LINK.EXE in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98 and rename it to vbLINK.exe. After this copy link.exe from surrogate linker project to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98.

VszLib - 7-zip VB6 Helper

  •    VB

7-zip SDK supports several compression methods that can produce and read 7z, zip, gzip, tar, bzip2 and other archives. This is a VB6 helper component that makes using original 7z.dll in your VB6 projects possible. Before opening Src\VszLib.vbp register Src\SevenZip.tlb with regtlib.exe, VB6 IDE or your favorite typelib registration tool. You don't need to redistribute SevenZip.tlb, it's only needed in development environment.

ZipArchive - A single-class pure VB6 library for zip with ASM speed

  •    VB

Method Extract can optionally filter on file mask (e.g. Filter:="*.doc"), file index (e.g. Filter:=15) or array of booleans with each entry to decompress index set to True. Sample utility function ReadBinaryFile in /test/basic/Form1.frm returns byte array with file's content.

VbPcre2 - PCRE2 Wrapper for VB6

  •    VB

Some people, when confronted with a problem, think "I know, I'll use regular expressions." Now they have two problems. The primary goal of this project is to have a comprehensive wrapper for PCRE2 in an ActiveX DLL for use in VB6 or other COM supporting languages.