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hvac - :lock: Python 2/3 client for HashiCorp Vault

Tested against Vault v0.1.2 and HEAD. Requires v0.1.2 or later.if you would like to be able to return parsed HCL data as a Python dict for methods that support it.

vault-client - A command-line interface to HashiCorp's Vault

vc is a command-line interface to HashiCorp's Vault inspired by pass.To build vault-client you need a Go compiler and Git.

vault-ruby - The official Ruby client for HashiCorp's Vault

Vault is the official Ruby client for interacting with Vault by HashiCorp.The documentation in this README corresponds to the master branch of the Vault Ruby client. It may contain unreleased features or different APIs than the most recently released version. Please see the Git tag that corresponds to your version of the Vault Ruby client for the proper documentation.

scala-vault - Hashicorp Vault Scala Libraries

Scala library for working with Hashicorp Vault.This library uses the Dispatch, a lightweight async HTTP client to communicate with Vault.

ansible-vault - ansible lookup plugin for secrets stored in Vault(by HashiCorp)

lookup plugins can be loaded from several different locations similar to $PATH, see lookup_plugins. An example setup can be found in the tests directory.The source for the plugin can be pointed to via a requirements.yml file, and accessed via ansible-galaxy.

vault-java-driver - Zero-dependency Java client for HashiCorp's Vault

A zero-dependency Java client for the Vault secrets management solution from HashiCorp.This driver strives to implement Vault's full HTTP API, along with supporting functionality such as automatic retry handling. It does so without relying on any other external libraries beyond the Java standard library, and is compatible with Java 7 and up. So it will play nice with all of your projects, greenfield and legacy alike, without causing conflicts with any other dependency.

docker-vault - Docker Container for Hashicorp's Vault

This Docker Vault container is using Alpine Linux minimal image and Hashicorp's Vault. Vault uses TCP/8200 by default, so we'll keep that. The demo configuration is listening on all interfaces (not just localhost), and using demo.consul.io as per the getting started docs.

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