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react-values - A set of tiny React components for handling state with render props.

  •    Javascript

A set of tiny, composable React components for handling state with render props. It does this using a small render-prop-based API that exposes helpful transforms like toggle, increment, filter, etc. depending on the type of value, all based on JavaScripts native value types...

data-transfer-object - Data transfer objects with batteries included

  •    PHP

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LargeLocalStorage - Problem: You need to store a large amount of key-value based data in IE, Chrome, Safari, AND Firefox

  •    Javascript

Problem: You need a large key-value store in the browser. LargeLocalStorage bridges all of that to give you a large capacity (up to several GB when authorized by the user) key-value store in the browser (IE 10, Chrome, Safari 6+, Firefox, Opera).

Keyv - Simple key-value storage with support for multiple backends

  •    Javascript

Keyv provides a consistent interface for key-value storage across multiple backends via storage adapters. It supports TTL based expiry, making it suitable as a cache or a persistent key-value store. It works with any storage that implements the Map API. It handles all JSON types plus Buffer. It has wide range of efficient, well tested storage adapters.

grunt-ng-constant - Plugin for dynamic generation of angular constant and value definition modules.

  •    Javascript

Plugin for dynamic generation of angular constant and value modules. The following shows a simple configuration for generating a config module with one constant and one value that contain your package information and debug config.

ValueStepper - A Stepper object that displays its value.

  •    Swift

ValueStepper is an improved replication of Apple's UIStepper object. The problem with UIStepper is that it doesn't display the value to the user. I was tired of creating a simple UILabel just to show the value in the UI. ValueStepper integrates the value in a UILabel between the increase and decrease buttons. It's as easy as that. To see it in action, run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first. The example project shows how to set up ValueStepper in Storyboard.

js-deep-sort-object - Simple module to sort objects recursively by its keys

  •    Javascript

Simple module to sort objects recursively by its keys.The browser file is named index.umd.js which supports CommonJS, AMD and globals (deepForEach). If you want to run this module on old browsers, you must include es5-shim.

node-couchnode - Sane Couchbase bucket interface for handling common operations the right way.

  •    Javascript

Sane official Couchbase client wrapper for handling multi key and other common operations the right way.This module is a wrapper for the official client. Documentation of the official module can be found here.

glsl-hsv2rgb - Fast GLSL conversion from HSV color to RGB

  •    C

Fast conversion from HSV color to RGB – published to npm for use with glslify, originally sourced from this post written by Sam Hocevar.All of the values should range between 0 and 1. Returns the calculated RGB value as a vec3.

snap-lerp - Linearly interpolate two numbers, but snap to the closest value if the difference between them is small enough

  •    Javascript

Linearly interpolate two numbers, but snap to the closest value if the difference between them is small enough. Comes in handy if you're running an animation but don't want to keep making unnecessary updates to a value as it approaches JS's limits in numerical precision.MIT. See LICENSE.md for details.

number-editor - a number spinner for GUI apps, inspired by After Effects

  •    Javascript

A simple number editor or spinner that acts like those in After Effects and similar software. You can click and drag to slide the value, or double-click to enter a new value. You can use up/down while editing to increment and decrement the value. Holding command/control will step by smaller values, and holding shift will step by larger values.For one that accepts units (like % or px) see number-unit-editor.

parse-unit - parses number and unit, '20px' into [20, 'px']

  •    Javascript

Parses a number and unit string, eg "20px" into [20, "px"].Parses the string and its unit, returning an array containing the number and unit, separated.

filter-obj - Filter object keys and values into a new object

  •    Javascript

Source object to filter properties from.Array of properties that should be filtered from the object or a filter function. The function has the signature filterFn(sourceKey, sourceValue, source).

lazy-value - Create a lazily evaluated value

  •    Javascript

Useful when a value is expensive to generate, so you want to delay the computation until the value is needed. For example, improving startup performance by deferring nonessential operations.Expected to return a value.

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