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  •    KDE

The data files generated by Callgrind can be loaded into KCachegrind for browsing the performance results. This is a GUI/Visualization tool.


  •    C++

Valkyrie is an open-source graphical user interface for the Valgrind 3.3.X line. Valkyrie uses the Qt widget library, and is based on Valgrind`s XML output capabilities. Valkyrie is designed for simplicity and ease of use, whilst allowing access to the full range of Valgrind command-line options.


  •    C++,

Valgui, an extensive interface for Valgrind


  •    C

MemcheckView is a GUI front end for Valgrind's Memcheck tool, which can detect a comprehensive set of memory errors, including reads and writes of unallocated or freed memory, reads of unitialized memory, and memory leaks.


  •    GTK

Alleyoop is a graphical front-end to the increasingly popular Valgrind memory checker for the x86 and x86_64 flavors of Linux using the Gtk+ widget set and other GNOME libraries for the X-Windows environment.

c-project-template - A C project template with Makefile, command line options parsing, unittest using cmocka and valgrind

  •    C

Every C project has a lazy start by creating lots of command line parsers, Makefiles, help and usage messages. C project template aims to take you to the solution point! The point you write the code that solves your problem. The project brings you a Makefile, command line options parsing, colors for pretty printing, valgrind analysis and unittest using cmocka.

taintgrind - A taint-tracking plugin for the Valgrind memory checking tool

  •    C

A taint-tracking plugin for the Valgrind memory checking tool

niffy - NIF testing harness

  •    C

This is a very simple harness to allow running NIFs under valgrind and other debugging tools without all the machinery of building a special version of the runtime. It allows you to load a NIF and invoke its functions with arbitrary Erlang terms (or, at least, some subset of acceptable Erlang terms).

verrou - floating-point errors checker

  •    C++

Verrou helps you look for floating-point round-off errors in programs. It implements a stochastic floating-point arithmetic based on random rounding: all floating-point operations are perturbed by randomly switching rounding modes. This can be seen as an asynchronous variant of the CESTAC method, or a subset of Monte Carlo Arithmetic, performing only output randomization through random rounding. NB: This is the development version of Verrou, currently based on the latest stable release of Valgrind, v3.13.0. For other versions, please consult the list of releases.

ci_helloworld - A simple example of how to setup a complete CI environment for C and C++

  •    C++

The following provides a description of all of the analysis tools that have been integrated into the CI services used by this project including an explanation of how it works. This script runs doxygen against the source code and any warnings are placed into a file called doxygen_warnings.txt. If this file is empty, it means that the doxygen analysis passed, and all of the code is documented based on the settings in the .doxygen.txt configuration file. If this files is not empty, the test fails, and prints the warnings generated by doxygen.

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