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vagrant-docker-compose - A Vagrant provisioner for docker compose.

  •    Ruby

A Vagrant provisioner for Docker Compose. Installs Docker Compose and can also bring up the containers defined by a docker-compose.yml.See example in the repository for a full working example.

vagrant-librarian-chef - *UNMAINTAINED* A Vagrant plugin to install Chef cookbooks using Librarian-Chef

  •    Ruby

WARNING: This project is no longer maintained. You should use Berkshelf instead. A Vagrant plugin to install Chef cookbooks using Librarian-Chef.

vagrant-sprinkle - A Sprinkle provisioner for Vagrant.

  •    Ruby

A Vagrant plugin to provision virtual machines with Sprinkle. The only required option is script, which should be a relative path to your Sprinkle install script. An example Vagrantfile is provided in the root of the repository.