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document-register-element - A stand-alone working lightweight version of the W3C Custom Elements specification

  •    Javascript

A stand-alone lightweight version of Custom Elements V1 based on top, and compatible with, the battle-tested Custom Elements V0, already used in production with projects such Google AMP HTML ⚡ and others. If you specify noBuiltIn property as true, the V1 API will be polyfilled where needed, but no extra checks and patches will be applied to make custom elements built-in working, since no browser is currently shipping this part of the specification.

VersionOne.SDK.JavaScript - A JavaScript/Node client for accessing VersionOne rest-1.v1 endpoint.

  •    Javascript

The VersionOne JavaScript SDK is an open-source and community supported JavaScript client for the VersionOne API. As an open-sourced and community supported project, the VersionOne JavaScript SDK is not formally supported by VersionOne. In general, StackOverflow is your best option for getting support for the VersionOne JavaScript SDK.

connect-javascript-sdk - Javascript client library for the Square Connect APIs https://docs

  •    Javascript

Use the full information endpoint methods of each API to get the response HTTP Headers. They are named as their simple counterpart with a WithHttpInfo suffix. Hence listEmployeeRoles would be called listEmployeeRolesWithHttpInfo. This method returns a CompleteResponse object with the response data deserialized along with a helper to retrieve the token if present. Use var batchToken = completeResponse.batch_token; to extract the token and proceed to get the following page if a token is present.

bookshelf-uuid - Automatically generates UUIDs for your bookshelf models

  •    Javascript

After installing bookshelf-uuid with npm i --save bookshelf-uuid, all you need to do is add it as a bookshelf plugin and enable it on your models. Nothing fancy here, just keep using bookshelf as usual.

ce-v0 - Custom Elements V0 API

  •    Javascript

A cross browser document.registerElement without built-in extends. Simply include the polyfill on top of your page and use document.registerElement(name, info) like the good old days.

node-freshdesk-api - Node wrapper for Freshdesk v2 API

  •    Javascript

Every SDK method receives a callback parameter. It is a function, which will be called on Freshdesk response received.

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