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gain - Web crawling framework based on asyncio.

  •    Python

Web crawling framework for everyone. Written with asyncio, uvloop and aiohttp. You can add proxy setting to spider as above.

ruia - Async Python 3.6+ web scraping micro-framework based on asyncio.

  •    Python

Ruia is an async web scraping micro-framework, written with asyncio and aiohttp, aims to make crawling url as convenient as possible.

aiomonitor - aiomonitor is module that adds monitor and python REPL capabilities for asyncio application

  •    Python

aiomonitor is Python 3.5+ module that adds monitor and cli capabilities for asyncio application. Idea and code borrowed from curio project. Task monitor that runs concurrently to the asyncio loop (or fast drop in replacement uvloop) in a separate thread as result monitor will work even if event loop is blocked for some reason.Library provides an python console using aioconsole module, it is possible to execute asynchronous command inside your running application.

tornado-uvloop - super simple uvloop class for tornado framework

  •    Python

Your loop type will be changed. Consider that while using 3rd party modules.

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