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just - A library of dependency-free utilities that do just do one thing.

A library of zero-dependency npm modules that do just do one thing. A guilt-free alternative to those bulkier utility libraries. Ideal for mobile web development or wherever bytes are precious. We welcome contributions. Please follow our contribution guidelines.

hr - A horizontal :straight_ruler: for your terminal

Note: You should have ~/bin in your $PATH for this to work. That's it, no requirements, just pure old bash and tput, check the source, it's free.

streamjs - Lazy Object Streaming Pipeline for JavaScript

Stream.js is a lightweight (2.6 KB minified, gzipped), intensely tested (700+ assertions, 97% coverage) functional programming library for operating upon collections of in-memory data. It requires EcmaScript 5+, has built-in support for ES6 features and works in all current browsers, Node.js and Java 8 Nashorn. Before explaining how Stream.js works in detail, here's a few real world code samples.

101 - A modern JS utility library

Just like ES6's Object.assign. Extend an object with any number of objects (returns original). Functional version of &&. Works great with array.reduce.

humps - 🐫 Underscore-to-camelCase converter (and vice versa) for strings and object keys in JavaScript

Underscore-to-camelCase converter (and vice versa) for strings and object keys in JavaScript. When converting object keys, it will walk the structure, converting any nested objects (or arrays of nested objects) along the way. Handy for converting JSON between JavaScript and Ruby/Rails APIs.

date-utils - Date Pollyfills for Node.js and Browser

Note: This did not work in the REPL before Node.js 0.6 due to how Node.js handles context in the REPL. Make sure you have gulp installed (npm install gulp -g). After that hit npm install to get the dependencies. Finally, hit gulp. This will build the library initially. If you make changes to the library, it will compile the minified version automatically.

Easy Utility

A utilies collections for a better coding.

blob-util - Cross-browser utils for working with binary Blobs

blob-util is a Blob library for busy people. It's also a good pairing with the attachment API in PouchDB.

rails_stuff - Collection of useful modules for Rails.

Collection of useful modules for ruby projects to provide great DRY, TDD experience. While some of them are Rails-specific, most will work in any environment ignoring gem's name.All modules are lazy loaded, so it's ok to require whole gem at once. Some of them are activated by default for best experience, but this can be configured or turned off (see usage).

servicestack-client - TypeScript servicestack-client npm package

ServiceStack's TypeScript library providing convenience utilities in developing web apps. Integrates with ServiceStack's Server features including ServiceClient, Server Events, Error Handling and Validation

better-array - Unobtrusive JavaScript Array Extras

A better API for arrays that you can activate whenever you like. It is a little like an underscore.js, but only for arrays. Inspired by Ruby's core library, but closer to JavaScript's. Please note that the resulting objects are always vanilla JS objects, not BetterArray wrapper objects. This is intentional; the main goal of this library is not the ability to chain, but to be very unobtrusive.

rollup-pluginutils - A set of functions commonly used by Rollup plugins

A set of functions commonly used by Rollup plugins.This function attaches Scope objects to the relevant nodes of an AST. Each Scope object has a scope.contains(name) method that returns true if a given name is defined in the current scope or a parent scope.