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ctop - Top-like interface for container metrics

  •    Go

as well as an single container view for inspecting a specific container.ctop comes with built-in support for Docker and runC; connectors for other container and cluster systems are planned for future releases.

gitsome - A supercharged Git/GitHub command line interface (CLI)

  •    Python

An Official Integration for GitHub and GitHub Enterprise.The Git command line does not integrate with GitHub, forcing you to toggle between command line and browser.

fac - Easy-to-use CUI for fixing git conflicts

  •    Go

I never really liked any of the mergetools out there so I made a program that is somewhat easier to use. fac operates much like git add -p . It has a prompt input at the bottom of the screen where the user inputs various commands.

asciigraph - Go package to make lightweight ASCII line graph ╭┈╯ in command line apps with no other dependencies

  •    Go

Go package to make lightweight ASCII line graphs ╭┈╯. This package also brings a small utility for command line usage. Assuming $GOPATH/bin is in your $PATH, simply go get it then install CLI.

laravel-zero - A PHP framework for console artisans

  •    PHP

Laravel Zero was created by, and is maintained by Nuno Maduro, and is a micro-framework that provides an elegant starting point for your console application. It is an unofficial and customized version of Laravel optimized for building command-line applications. For full documentation, visit laravel-zero.com.

fzf - A command-line fuzzy finder

  •    Go

fzf is a general-purpose command-line fuzzy finder.It's an interactive Unix filter for command-line that can be used with any list; files, command history, processes, hostnames, bookmarks, git commits, etc.

Simple Command Line Backup Tool

  •    CSharp

Simple Command Line Backup Tool automates the backup of files from the command line for use in batch files. Includes file type filters/ recursive/non recursive and number days to keep backups for. Right now this is simply a quick app I created for a client of mine that n...



A small utility that will take take the code from a VBA project housed within a VBA host such as Microsoft Word document or Microsoft Excel Workbook and save the source code files to disk. Its primary purpose is to aid in the usage of source control systems with VBA projects.



Transfer content by BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service). Command line utility. Add item to Explorer Context Menu.

Regex Search and Rescue

  •    DotNet

Regex Search and Rescue (RSaR) is a command line "grep" tool based on .NET, which offers one of the most advanced regular expression engines ever created.

Standalone Windows .EXE command line utility for Amazon S3 & EC2


A Windows command-line utility for Amazon's S3 & EC2 web services that requires no installation, is a single .EXE file with no DLLs, and requires only .NET 2.0 or Mono, so will work on a plain vanilla Windows 2003 installation.

Quix Utilities for SharePoint

  •    CSharp

Over the past decade of working with SharePoint, I've had to build many quick utilities for one purpose or another. It thus came to pass that it made sense to unify all these utilities together into a single project that I could share with my fellow geeks. The Quix Utilities...

httpcat - httpcat is a simple utility for constructing raw HTTP requests on the command line.

  •    Python

httpcat is a simple utility for constructing raw HTTP requests on the command line.In such cases, existing CLI HTTP clients—such as httpie, curl, or wget —are too high-level as they provide an abstraction layer and one doesn't have a complete control over the exact raw data that gets written to the HTTP socket connection.

couchbackup - CouchDB backup and restore command-line utility.

  •    Javascript

CouchBackup is a command-line utility that allows a CouchDB database to be backed-up to a text file. It comes with a companion command-line utility that can restore the backed up data. Either environment variables or command-line options can be used to specify the URL of the CouchDB or Cloudant instance, and the database to work with.

text-minimap - Generate text minimap/preview using Braille Patterns

  •    Rust

Library and command-line utility to efficiently generate minimap/preview of a given text. If you don't have rust compiler and cargo installed follow instructions on https://www.rustup.rs/ .

shotgun - 💥 A tool for running commands in parallel on a set of directories

  •    Go

A tool for running commands in parallel on a set of directories. Imagine you're working on a system with 20, 50, 100, or more microservices, all in separate repositories. How do you update them all at once? Easy.

cxx - Utility for building, testing and packaging executables written in C++17 or C++20

  •    Python

Make modern C++ easier to deal with. No configuration files are needed, but the projects needs to either be very simple (a single main.cpp) or have a CXX-friendly directory structure.

4chan - 4chan picture downloader

  •    Javascript

When the downloading finishes, the tool will keep monitoring the thread for new pictures, and download them as they appear, until the thread is removed. Press Ctrl+C to quit the tool. Use the option -s (--single-shot) to prevent this behavior and only donwload the existing images. Call the program with the --help option to see more options, like filtering based on image dimensions, gif/non-gif format, and categorization of images into landscape and portrait subdirectories for easier mobile viewing.